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The Big Bang Theory - Fztvseries
The Big Bang Theory
It concerns two male Caltech prodigies in their twenties, one an experimental physicist (Leonard) and the other a theoretical physicist (Sheldon), who live across the hall from an attractive blonde waitress with show-biz aspirations (Penny).
Last Updated: 12 May, 2017

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The Big Bang Theory - S10E20 - The Recollection Dissipation.avi {}

mp4 print does not download pls check ur site is the best site don't screw up
plz upload the anime series "idaten jump"
to whoever upload all these videos..u're the real MVP! thanks
There are no episodes 8, 9 & 10. Please upload
episodes 19 and up pls.. its been a while
episodes 19 and up pls.. its been a while
For people who are getting this for free, you guys are extremely ungrateful
Where's S9E14 pls upload
Wow thanks for leaving the f up episode 13, wasted my data downloading that episode
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There is no ep 12 plz how hard is it to upload
Apologoes..its S10E13 with sound problem...thank you!
S6E12 Please reload...problem with sound. Thank you!
ep 12 plz
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