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How I Met Your Mother - Fztvseries
How I Met Your Mother
Inspired by "our friends and the stupid stuff we did in New York," How I Met Your Mother is Bays' and Thomas' idea. The two drew from their friendship in creating the characters, with Ted based loosely on Bays, and Marshall and Lily based loosely on Thomas and his wife. The duo's first concept about "an Enron executive who gets sentenced by the judge to go teach at an inner-city high school" was discarded because neither writer wanted to research the subject.
Last Updated: 27 June 2014


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Find Freedom Through Forgiveness From God!

how i met your mother episodes are not getting download
Admin plez upload S09E16...
Guys don't be sad there's an alternate ending coming soon which will have different fate for me, ted and robin
latest shows @ mobtvseries.in
Upload in avi format plz
Thanx for ruining the finale for the rest of us that ddnt watch it mahi
COme on guys,d rest of the episodes....Am realy gonna miss da show
23 and 24 in latest section under 6 April
Why aint there the rest
Hey!! Come on, upload 22/23/24!!
I'm indifferent about the series finale.... 1st the divorce, then the death... It felt sad... Well atleast the Robin-Ted part was cute, Barneys girl and Marshall's judge ship good.. Still wasn't happy sha
S09E16,22,23&24 please please please
S09E16,22,23&24 please please please
mahi u stupid bitch
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