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Naruto - 055 - A Feeling of Yearning A Flower Full of Hope from Naruto - FzTvSeries
Naruto - S00E55 - Setsunai omoi negai o kometa ichirin.avi
Plot Summary: Naruto keeps training on his 'kuchiyose no jutsu' skills, with little improvement, while Jiraiya-sensei prefers to focus his attention on 'researching for his next book', sneaking, looking the young women. In a meeting with the Hokage, it is told about the murder of Hayate Gekkô, the possible implication of Orochimaru and the Otogakure, but the Third Hokage decide to keep running the Chûnin Exams. Sakura is worry about Sasuke-kun and the 'Ten no Juin' Orochimaru left him. She tries again to visit him at the hospital, but first she stops at the Yamanaka flower shop. ...
Release Date: 22 Oct. 2003

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