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Doc McStuffins (in cartoon)
The series chronicles a six-year-old girl named Dottie McStuffins who, one day, wants to become a doctor like her mother. As a kid, she "pretends" to be a doctor by fixing up toys and dolls (because of this, everyone calls her 'Doc'). When she puts on her stethoscope, toys, dolls, and stuffed animals magically come to life and she can communicate with them. With a little help from her stuffed animal friends,
Last Updated: 2 Nov, 2013

Season 1 - Episodes
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Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E01 - Knight Time (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-03-23)
Doc discovers that Donny's toy knight, Sir Kirby, is dirty. Song: Ba-Ba Bubbles!
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E02 - A Bad Case of the Pricklethorns (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-03-23)
Doc diagnoses Boppy when he suddenly gets popped after landing in a rose bush. Song: Bop, Bop, Bop (Don't Wanna Pop)
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E03 - Out of the Box (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-03-23)
Little Jack, a jack in the box, can't pop, but he's scared of getting a check-up, so his dad, Big Jack, goes first. Song: Pop Up
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E04 - Run Down Race Car (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-03-23)
Ricardo Racecar loses his energy during a race. Song: Get Your Sleep On
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E05 - Tea Party Tantrum (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-03-26)
Doc wonders why Susie Sunshine is acting very cranky. Song: Close Your Eyes
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E06 - Blast Off! (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-03-26)
Doc helps Carlos' toy space alien, Star Blazer Zero after his arms and legs falls off after a ride in his toy rocket. Song: Be Safe! Sickness: Broken parts
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E07 - Engine Nine, Feelin' Fine! (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-03-27)
Donny's toy fire engine Lenny, aka Engine 9, runs out of water, so Doc fixes him by refilling him. Song: Water, Water Sickness: Dehydration (Dry-out)
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E08 - The Right Stuff (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-03-27)
Stuffy's tail gets ripped, but he won't ask for help and he loses more stuffing from his tail.
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E09 - Gulpy, Gulpy Gators! (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-03-28)
Doc fixes Gustave, the green gator on Donny's Gulpy Gulpy Gators game after he eats too many marbles. Song: Be Good To Your Tummy
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E10 - One Note Wonder (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-03-28)
Alma's xylophone toy, Xyla, loses a key by accident. Song: Rocking The Right Note
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E11 - Arcade Escapade (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-03-29)
Doc helps a stuffed toy Giraffe called Gaby after her leg was torn in a accident in the claw crane machine at the arcade. Song: Nobody Wants A Broken Toy
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E12 - Starry, Starry Night (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-03-29)
Doc helps Henry's Telescope Aurora when she suffers from blurry vision. Song: Stars, Stars (Planets, Stars And Galaxies)
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E13 - Ben/Anna Split (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-03-30)
Ben and Anna, Alma's "Hugging Monkeys" need to be separated after one of them suffered a torn Velcro "hug" patch and needed to recover overnight at the clinic. Song: We're Ben-Anna Sickness: Torn Velcro patch
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E14 - That's Just Claw-ful (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-03-30)
Doc helps Hermie, her toy crab after his arm was torn out by Emmie & Alma's new puppy Rudi. Song: You Can Do It! Sickness: Torn arm
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E15 - A Good Case of the Hiccups (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-04-02)
Doc tries to fix Millie the Microphone when she can't stop repeating words. Song: If You Got The Hiccups Sickness: Repeatitis
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E16 - Stuck Up (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-04-02)
When Doc gets sand in her eye, she finds out what's wrong with Will's toy digger, Riggo, when his scoop gets stuck. Song: Dig, Dig, Dig Sickness: Stuck Scooper
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E17 - Rescue Ronda, Ready for Take-off! (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-04-03)
Doc has to fix Luca's helicopter, Rescue Ronda, when she can't fly, due to getting a little twig from a bush in her propeller. Song: When You Need A Friend
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E18 - All Washed Up (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-04-03)
Donny's toy robot, Robot Ray, learns the importance of following doctor's orders when he gets wet playing a game. Song: Do What The Doctor Says
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E19 - The New Girl (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-04-04)
Doc gets a doll from Japan called Kiko, and she wonders why her legs are so weak. Song: Ready For Action
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E20 - Wrap It Up (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-04-04)
Niles, Donny's toy crane, refuses to have his bandage removed. Song: In A Flash Sickness: Y.O.B. Itis (Yucky Old Bandage Itis)
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E21 - Rest Your Rotors, Ronda! (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-04-05)
Rescue Ronda learns how good it is to rest when her propeller is broken. Song: Rest Your Rotors, Ronda!
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E22 - Keep on Truckin' (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-04-05)
Donny's truck, Tremaine, learns how to keep still to get repainted. Song: Keep Still
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E23 - Blame It on the Rain (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-04-06)
Alma accidentally leaves her stuffed cow Moo Moo outside during a downpour and Doc fixes her, but she refuses to go home when she believes her owner doesn't like her. Song: Nobody's Perfect (Forgive And Forget)
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E24 - Busted Boomer (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-04-06)
Boomer, Emmie's deflated Soccer ball refuses to be reinflated due to having a fear of needles. Song: Here For You
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E25 - Dark Knight (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-04-09)
During a sleepover party, Doc discovers that Sir Kirby is afraid of the dark and cures him of his fear of the dark. Song: We Can Light The Night
Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins - S01E26 - Hallie Gets an Earful (High MP4) (Aired: 2012-04-09)
Doc helps Hallie hear better after she has trouble hearing. Song: Have You Heard?


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