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Onion News Network (in TV)
Onion News Network is a parody television news show. The show premiered its ten-episode first season on January 21, 2011, at 10:00 p.m. EST on IFC.[1][2][3]
Last Updated: 14 Dec, 2011

Season 2 - Episodes
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Onion News Network
Onion News Network - S02E01 - Asteroid Heads to Earth (AVI) (Aired: 2011-10-04)
With a giant asteroid expected to hit Earth on October 4th, the Onion News Network has announced it will continue broadcasting until the moment the planet is destroyed.
Onion News Network
Onion News Network - S02E02 - Missing Baby Kate (AVI) (Aired: 2011-10-11)
Cross Examination's Shelby Cross leads a crusade to rip through every home in America to search for missing one-year-old Baby Kate. In the FactZone, Brooke and the ONN team reveal an extremist obese society's foiled attempts to kidnap Michelle Obama and O'Brady Shaw takes a drunk driving victim's death so personally that the victim's family must take a break from their own grief to comfort O'Brady. In other news, reports show that the iPhone 5 will come conveniently packaged with rumors about the iPhone 6.
Onion News Network
Onion News Network - S02E03 - Fantasy Brainwall (AVI) (Aired: 2011-10-18)
FactZone introduces its newest piece of technology: an updated touchscreen that Tucker can control with his mind. Unfortunately for Tucker, the new "Brainwall" starts to display Tucker's darkest thoughts. Also, O'Brady's compassion for stray earthquake victims goes a little too far, when he starts "mercifully" killing dogs to relieve them after the disaster. Brooke reports on a coma-bound Republican Presidential candidate who is polling surprisingly well due to his lack of politically disastrous gaffes, and Rapper Kanye West faces down the nation of Syria in a Twitter battle over who was chanting first.
Onion News Network
Onion News Network - S02E05 - Exposed, Brooke Alvarez (AVI) (Aired: 2011-11-01)
A revealing documentary airs on public television about Brooke Alvarez's secret life as a Russian child cosmonaut . Brooke is forced to relive the traumatizing experience of being trapped in a space shuttle with a vicious chimpanzee named Mr. Dmitry. Also, the U.S. government hires the genius behind Zico coconut water to try to help America out of its economic hole and a prostitute is caught paying Mitt Romney for sex.
Onion News Network
Onion News Network - S02E06 - Today Now! Special (AVI) (Aired: 2011-11-11)
The network morning show stages a very special takeover.
Onion News Network
Onion News Network - S02E07 - Sex in America (AVI) (Aired: 2011-11-18)
A report on sex in America.
Onion News Network
Onion News Network - S02E08 - Artificial Intelligence (AVI) (Aired: 2011-11-25)
The studio gains artificial intelligence and falls in love with Brooke, millions across the country are dangerously trapped in an Animal Hoarders marathon, and Jean Anne Whorton investigates the cruel underground blood sport of spouse fighting.
Onion News Network
Onion News Network - S02E09 - Brooke vs. O'Brady (AVI) (Aired: 2011-12-02)
O'Brady Shaw joins Brooke on FactZone as her cohost to promote his new special "The Cries of the Children." A loud woman accountant is bothering the whole nation with her grating chatter. And a new weight loss drug is being released onto the market that curbs eating by making the user hallucinate that their food is a swarm of vicious, bloodthirsty monsters.
Onion News Network
Onion News Network - S02E10 - Year in Review (AVI) (Aired: 2011-12-09)
The gang looks back on 2011.


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