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Mew Mew Power (in cartoon)
Mia Ikumi spent a year designing the Tokyo Mew Mew manga before the release of the first volume in February 2001.[1] The story she originally presented to her editors, Tokyo Black Cat Girl, featured a heroine named Hime Azumi. An intergalactic police officer named Masha gave her the ability to transform into a cat-girl and asked her to aid him in defeating alien invaders called the Bugs.[2] After the production team decided to focus on five female superheroes, Ikumi was asked to reconstruct the lead character. She had reservations about the changes, as the character was originally designed for a more dramatic series
Last Updated: 25 Aug, 2012

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Please upload second season and mew mew ala mode please I beg you !thanks
Please upload episode 27 onwards! please, like, seriously.
Ad Mew Mew season two please ad it we want to see it ad it
Can you please upload season two
Mark is Deep blue too. Just check google not lying
Why only download the first season if the second explains everything even who the blue knight is and spoiler alert its MARK aah shocker.
Episode 2 is actually episode 1 they just named it wrong
Plz upload season 2 of Mew Mew Power
Upload more episodes!! Like why keep us waiting!!?
Please upload more episodes!! I've fallen inlove with this series! Like please!ill downloaf like everyday!!*
PLZ update more Episodes PLeeeZ
For some reason I can't see episode 1 of mew mew??? Only episode 11 till 16???
Hi ther, could u plz upload mew mew power episodes 27 nd onwards. Pretty plz? Thank u
Pleeez get all the episodes
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