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Covert Affairs (in TV)
Covert Affairs is a USA Network spy television series starring Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham. The one-hour drama premiered on Tuesday, July 13, 2010,[1] being paired with White Collar.
Last Updated: 4 Jan, 2015

Season 2 - Episodes
Covert Affairs
Covert Affairs - S02E01 - Begin the Begin (Aired: 12 April 2012)
Ben disappears when he and Annie return to Washington, D.C.; Annie helps protect a Russian tennis player.
Covert Affairs
Covert Affairs - S02E02 - Good Advices (Aired: 12 April 2012)
Auggie stands in as section chief while Joan insists to partake in jury selection, but wrongly assumes she won't be picked. Annie's girlish delight to be sent to Paris peaks when making ... See full summary »
Covert Affairs
Covert Affairs - S02E03 - Bang and Blame (Aired: 19 April 2012)
Annie investigates the leak of a CIA trainee's name.
Covert Affairs
Covert Affairs - S02E04 - All the Right Friends (Aired: 19 April 2012)
While in Argentina attempting to exchange a spy, an assassin attacks Annie and the spy, Carlo Reni. Forced on the run, Annie and Carlo have to evade arrest and figure out who set them up before the assassin can catch up with them.
Covert Affairs
Covert Affairs - S02E05 - Around the Sun (Aired: 26 April 2012)
While Annie tries to find out who is giving NASA secrets to the Colombians, Auggie accepts his promotion, and his replacement has difficulty fitting in.
Covert Affairs
Covert Affairs - S02E06 - The Outsiders (Aired: 26 April 2012)
Annie and Reva are captured by the Secret Police at the Poland/Belarus border, and Jai leads the team sent in to rescue them.
Covert Affairs
Covert Affairs - S02E07 - Half a World Away (Aired: 3 May 2012)
While on vacation in Turkey, Auggie suspects that he has found the Iraqi target who was responsible for his war injuries.
Covert Affairs
Covert Affairs - S02E08 - Welcome to the Occupation (Aired: 3 May 2012)
Eco-terrorists hold a group of oil executives hostage in Mexico City, and Ben Mercer re-emerges as part of Annie's team sent in to assess the situation.
Covert Affairs
Covert Affairs - S02E09 - Sad Professor (Aired: 10 May 2012)
Annie discovers that the latest CIA casualty is her former language professor - whom she had no idea was part of the agency - and she is assigned to find a secret message in his documents before his killers.
Covert Affairs
Covert Affairs - S02E10 - World Leader Pretend (Aired: 10 May 2012)
Annie helps a Chinese scientist defect to the US. Annie faces the music after confessing to Danielle that she is actually a spy.
Covert Affairs
Covert Affairs - S02E11 - The Wake-Up Bomb (Aired: 17 May 2012)
While Annie searches for a new safe house, she is assigned to surveillance duties on a pair of brothers who may be plotting an attack against the Spanish government. Meanwhile, Jai launches a power play to get away from Arthur.
Covert Affairs
Covert Affairs - S02E12 - Uberlin (Aired: 17 May 2012)
When one of Arthur's former female Cold War assets emerges during one of Annie's missions, he immediately flies to Berlin to help, which sparks Joan's curiosity about their past relationship.
Covert Affairs
Covert Affairs - S02E13 - A Girl Like You (Aired: 24 May 2012)
Annie is assigned to find out why Mossad agent Eyal Lavine is in Washington, but both get in big trouble when his mission gets a CIA asset killed.
Covert Affairs
Covert Affairs - S02E14 - Horse to Water (Aired: 24 May 2012)
Arthur suspects that an imprisoned spy who betrayed the U.S. may have gotten a Russian asset killed, which leads Annie to a mission to investigate his two daughters, which hits close to home because of her situation with Danielle.
Covert Affairs
Covert Affairs - S02E15 - What's the Frequency, Kenneth? (Aired: 31 May 2012)
An agent for the British intelligence, MI6, approaches Annie since she is an employee of the Smithsonian. He wants her to help with the surveillance of an art dealer. Kenneth wants her to get him into the Smithsonian to gather information.
Covert Affairs
Covert Affairs - S02E16 - Letter Never Sent (Aired: 31 May 2012)
An assignment in Stockholm put Annie and Danielle in jeopardy during their vacation, and Jai must choose between loyalties to his father and Arthur after a failed lie detector test.

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