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Disney Aladdin TV series, shows/cartoon,anime,magma/Documentaries - MobileTVshows
Disney Aladdin (in cartoon)
The original story of Aladdin is a Middle-Eastern folk tale. It concerns an impoverished young ne'er-do-well named Aladdin, in a Chinese city, who is recruited by a sorcerer from the Maghreb (who passes himself off as the brother of Aladdin's late father) to retrieve a wonderful oil lamp from a booby-trapped magic cave.
Last Updated: 15 Aug, 2009

Part 2 of 4 - Episodes
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Aladdin - S01E23 - The Flawed Couple (Aired: 1994-10-05)
Abis Mal and Mechanickles team up to get their revenge on Aladdin. They decide to use magical jewels each of which contain an emotion. The jewels effect everyone except for Aladdin who decides to reverse the curse and use the jewels on Mechanickles and Abis Mal.
Aladdin - S01E24 - Rain of Terror (Aired: 1994-10-06)
Thundra is tired of doing controling the weather, so Iago volunteers to take over while Thundra is on vacation. All goes well until Iago makes a bad deal with Thundra's rival Malcho. Iago gives him Thundra's weather medallion.
Aladdin - S01E25 - Dune Quixote (Aired: 1994-11-14)
Sadira puts a spell on Aladdin so he will love her over Jasmine, but the spell goes wrong and now Aladdin thinks he's Don Quixote. The only way to cure this spell is a kiss from Sadira, but Jasmine won't allow it.
Aladdin - S01E26 - The Day the Bird Stood Still (Aired: 1994-10-10)
Abis Mal puts a curse on the Sultan's bathing oils to turn him to stone, but Iago uses it instead and has before sundown to get the cure. He does everything that he can to get it.
Aladdin - S01E27 - Of Ice and Men (Aired: 1994-10-11)
After Aladdin and company take a trip to the frozen north they meet an ice efreet named Frajhid. He gives Agrabah something they've never had: snow, but soon gets caught up wanting the people of Agrabah to be living2 in an icy wonderland.
Aladdin - S01E28 - Opposites Detract (Aired: 1994-10-12)
Aladdin and friends encounter a dragon while on a trading mission.
Aladdin - S01E29 - Caught By the Tale (Aired: 1994-10-13)
Two kids love the stories of the heroic adventures of Aladdin, so Genie, Iago, and Abu tell them some. All goes well until Abis Mal starts telling them more and tricks the kids into helping him find a treasure.
Aladdin - S01E30 - Elemental, My Dear Jasmine (Aired: 1994-10-14)
An evil sea mermaid named Saleen has the elemental power of water. She usually uses this ability to drown sailors, but this time she's caught Jasmine. When she finds out that Jasmine has a boyfriend she decides to hook, line, and sink him.
Aladdin - S01E31 - Smolder And Wiser (Aired: 1994-10-17)
Abis Mal threatens Agrabah with a fire elemental.
Aladdin - S01E32 - The Game (Aired: 1994-10-18)
Genie has never won a game against carpet, but when he meets two game-loving wizards, how far will he go to win?
Aladdin - S01E33 - Snowman is an Island (Aired: 1994-10-19)
Aladdin and friends are forced to go through a castle when there's no other way around, and the resident decides he wants Genie to stay and be his court jester.
Aladdin - S01E34 - The Animal Kingdom (Aired: 1994-10-20)
Aladdin and company find themselves in a village with talking animals. These animals are prejudiced against humans and don't trust them, but when Aladdin saves the day they learn that you need to judge each creature by their actions.
Aladdin - S01E35 - Power to the Parrot (Aired: 1994-10-21)
Iago thinks that Genie's magical job is easy, so Genie gives Iago his powers for a day. Iago has fun with it at first, but then he realizes what a tough job it is to be a genie.
Aladdin - S01E36 - The Sands of Fate (Aired: 1994-10-24)
Aladdin and company are caught between two armies of horsemen fighting each other. This wouldn't be such a tough battle if there weren't only one problem. The battle keeps repeating itself everyday. As each day goes on each member of Aladdin's team either gets captured or turned into a horseman. Now it's up to Iago to figure out how to save the day, and to stop whatever keeps making the battle repeat.
Aladdin - S01E37 - The Citadel (Aired: 1994-10-25)
Evil sorcerer Mozenrath is looking for someone who can take challenges. He learns about Aladdin, and when he does he kidnaps Genie to force Aladdin to rescue him and destroy a monster called Thirdak who's trying to eat Genie's magic.
Aladdin - S01E38 - Poor Iago (Aired: 1994-10-26)
Iago can't stand being greedy so he steals valuables to give away.
Aladdin - S01E39 - The Secret of Dagger Rock (Aired: 1994-10-27)
On a lovely day Aladdin and Jasmine are about to go on a date, but it is quickly ruined by Mozenrath. He kidnaps Aladdin for Genie, and now Jasmine has to disguise herself as a guard to rescue him.
Aladdin - S01E40 - In the Heat of the Fright (Aired: 1994-10-28)
Aladdin and friends meet Mirage, the evil catwoman with incredible powers.
Aladdin - S01E41 - The Seven Faces of Genie (Aired: 1994-10-31)
Genie experiments by giving himself seven split personalities, but something goes wrong and those personalities split out of him and rampage all over Ghezistan.
Aladdin - S01E42 - The Wind Jackal of Mozenrath (Aired: 1994-11-01)
Aladdin, Jasmine, and Abu go out on a secret mission to stop Mozenrath's new evil magical creature: a wind jackal. Convinced that they've gone on a treasure hunt without him, Iago gets Genie and carpet to go after them. What they don't know is that Mozenrath's got magic detectors all over his kingdom.
Aladdin - S01E43 - A Clockwork Hero (Aired: 1994-11-02)
Mechanickles decides to be a father and builds himself a robotic son, but things go wrong when this robot son has a mind of his own.
Aladdin - S01E44 - Mission: Imp Possible (Aired: 1994-11-03)
Nefir and the imps are back, and they've got a new plan. To steal the golden silk of Panacea.


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