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Disney Aladdin TV series, shows/cartoon,anime,magma/Documentaries - MobileTVshows
Disney Aladdin (in cartoon)
The original story of Aladdin is a Middle-Eastern folk tale. It concerns an impoverished young ne'er-do-well named Aladdin, in a Chinese city, who is recruited by a sorcerer from the Maghreb (who passes himself off as the brother of Aladdin's late father) to retrieve a wonderful oil lamp from a booby-trapped magic cave.
Last Updated: 15 Aug, 2009

Part 3 of 4 - Episodes
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Aladdin - S02E01 - Raiders of the Lost Shark (Aired: 1994-09-17)
A land swimming shark rampages through Agrabah. Aladdin and company climb aboard Captain Murk's flying ship to hunt it down.
Aladdin - S01E45 - Stinkerbelle (Aired: 1994-11-04)
Aladdin and Jasmine travel to Odiferous to attend Uncouthma's wedding, but someone is trying to ruin the happy couple's wedding day.
Aladdin - S01E46 - Shadow of a Doubt (Aired: 1994-11-07)
Mirage tries to eliminate Agrabah with a black spire that eliminates anything its shadow touches. Can Aladdin and friends stop her before Agrabah disappears at sundown?
Aladdin - S01E47 - Smells Like Trouble (Aired: 1994-11-08)
It's the return of the newlyweds Uncouthma and his wife. This time they have a son, and he thinks brawn is the only way to solve problems. But when a real problem comes up and lizards are affecting Odiferious' cheese Aladdin teaches him it's good to have brains and brawn.
Aladdin - S01E48 - The Way We War (Aired: 1994-11-09)
Nefir and his imps are making Agrabah and Odiferous go to war. The imps are supplying both cities with war supplies and making a nice profit it at the same time.
Aladdin - S01E49 - Night of the Living Mud (Aired: 1994-11-10)
Aladdin gets some well deserved relaxation time, but when Iago tracks Al Muddi mud into the palace, can he, Abu, and Genie handle it without Aladdin?
Aladdin - S01E50 - Egg-stra Protection (Aired: 1994-11-11)
A griffin is terrorizing Gezistan and its all Abis Mal's fault.
Aladdin - S01E51 - Heads, You Lose (Aired: 1994-10-14)
Aladdin and friends are tricked into finding an evil wizard's body. When they do the wizard attaches his head to his body then removes Aladdin's head from his own!
Aladdin - S01E52 - The Love Bug (Aired: 1994-11-15)
Mechanical termites are tearing down Thundra's rain forest. When Aladdin and company tell Thundra that they've found out that Mechanickles is doing this Thundra decides to take care of him herself.
Aladdin - S01E53 - When Chaos Comes Calling (Aired: 1994-11-16)
Aladdin gets overconfident and thinks he can overcome any challenge that evil presents him so Chaos, the ultimate evil, gives him a real challenge.
Aladdin - S01E54 - Armored And Dangerous (Aired: 1994-11-17)
A rampaging monster named Dominous Tusk becomes a threat to Agrabah while Aladdin and genie are gone. The Sultan decides to don a suit of armor from an ancient warrior. The Sultan successfully defeats Dominous and all of Agrabah wants him as their protector. However, the more the Sultan uses the armor the more possessed he becomes with the spirit of that ancient warrior.
Aladdin - S01E55 - Shark Treatment (Aired: 1994-11-18)
Saleen turns Aladdin into a shark, so she can have a new sea animal to play with.
Aladdin - S01E56 - Black Sand (Aired: 1994-11-21)
Each one of Aladdin's friends gets replaced by undead mamluks.
Aladdin - S01E57 - Love at First Sprite (Aired: 1994-11-22)
A group of sprites teach Aladdin how to fly and carpet feels left out. When the sprites want to play all the time they seem to good to be true and carpet teaches them a lesson they'll never forget.
Aladdin - S01E58 - Vocal Hero (Aired: 1994-11-23)
Butterfingers has some tricks up his sleeve and he's after the Sultan who's been turned into a miniature gold statue.
Aladdin - S01E59 - The Lost City Of The Sun (Aired: 1994-11-24)
Mozenrath enslaves the sprites and forces them to find a lost city that contains an enormous amount of power. Some sprites escape and go to Aladdin for help.
Aladdin - S01E60 - As the Netherworld Turns (Aired: 1994-11-25)
Iago acts greedy again and this time it leads them to the Netherworld. Now they are trapped in the Netherworld with Ayam Aghoul. Can Iago and Abu escape and prevent Aladdin from falling into Ayam's trap?
Aladdin - S01E61 - Seems Like Old Crimes - Part 1 (Aired: 1994-11-28)
When Aladdin finds out that 3 theives from the past have somehow turned into powerful magical creatures he tries to stop them. Before he can do so all of Aladdin's friends( except Abu) ask him who are these old thieves, so Aladdin tells him how he knows these theives.
Aladdin - S01E62 - Seems Like Old Crimes - Part 2 (Aired: 1994-11-29)
After telling the story of how he met them, Aladdin and co. go find their headquarters to put a stop to them once and for all.
Aladdin - S01E63 - From Hippsodeth, With Love (Aired: 1994-11-30)
Queen Hippsodeth has fallen in love with the Sultan of Agrabah, but King Pecter has fallen in love with her. A deadly love triangle means trouble for the Sultan and Agrabah.
Aladdin - S01E64 - Destiny on Fire (Aired: 1994-12-01)
Aziz is back, and he's turned the Sultan, Jasmine, and the rest of Agrabah into slugs while Aladdin and the gang are on vacation. Rasoul is the only one from the palace who has managed to escape. Aladdin and Rasoul must find a way to work together to finally beat Aziz without fighting each other in the process.
Aladdin - S01E65 - The Return of Malcho (Aired: 1994-12-02)
The Sultan and everyone else are going on a little trip except for Aladdin and Iago. The Sultan tells Aladdin to take charge of the kingdom while he'a away. All goes well until Malcho comes back from the frozen north to get his revenge on Iago. Now Aladdin has to protect Iago and the kingdom against him.In the end Malcho decides to now take his revenge out on Aladdin instead.


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