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Eureka (in TV)
Eureka is an American science fiction television series set in a town inhabited almost entirely by geniuses. In the UK, the show is known as A Town Called Eureka. Currently airing the second half of its third season, it was announced on July 24, 2009 that the show had been picked up for a 22 episode fourth season.
Last Updated: 3 Mar, 2014

Season 4 - Episodes
Eureka - S04E01 - Founder's Day (Aired: 11 Apr. 2011)
During the Founder's Day celebration, Jack, Allison, Fargo, Henry, and Jo somehow end up in 1947, in the middle of the army base that existed before Eureka was founded. They must find a way home before they change history or get caught.
Eureka - S04E02 - A New World (Aired: 18 Apr. 2011)
The gang returns from 1947 and discover that things are not as they remember them. And Dr. Grant came along.
Eureka - S04E03 - All the Rage (Aired: 2 May 2011)
Wil Wheaton guest stars as Dr. Isaac Parrish, an underappreciated scientist whose hostility appears to have gone viral. Blind rage is infecting everyone at Global Dynamics with potentially catastrophic results -- especially for Fargo.
Eureka - S04E04 - The Story of O2 (Aired: 9 May 2011)
Allison deals with a major problem during Eureka's space week festival.
Eureka - S04E05 - Crossing Over (Aired: 16 May 2011)
Claudia Donovan pays a visit to Eureka, hoping to see some amazing technological wonders. She gets more than she bargained for when seemingly random objects begin appearing around town. Working with Sheriff Carter and Fargo, Claudia has to help solve the mystery before the strange anomalies have deadly consequences...particularly for newcomer Dr. Grant.
Eureka - S04E07 - Stoned (Aired: 30 May 2011)
Romantic relationships are in flux. Zoe is home for a visit and hints at a new heartthrob. Henry is courting his wife while Dr. Grant and Carter spar over Allison. Jo, on the other hand, is done with love for now and just wants to get her house rebuilt. But that project is on hold because hunky paleo-anthropologist Dr. Derek Thurgood says he found ancient human remains at the site and refuses to allow the build to continue.
Eureka - S04E08 - The Ex-Files (Aired: 6 Jun. 2011)
As Grace (Tembi Locke) finds a way to share her memories with Henry (Joe Morton), the rest of Eureka's citizens face the return of people from the recent - or not so recent - past.
Eureka - S04E09 - I'll Be Seeing You (Aired: 20 Jun. 2011)
Mid-Season Finale! Closer than they've ever been before, Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) and Carter (Colin Ferguson) join forces personally as well as professionally when Jo (Erica Cerra) and Fargo (Neil Grayston) enlist them to help find a stolen Global Dynamics project.
Eureka - S04E11 - Liftoff (Aired: 2 Jan. 2012)
Carter lands in an awkward situation after S.A.R.A.H. and Andy's nuptials hit a snag; Zane keeps harassing Jo for details; an unscheduled launch presents trouble for the gang.
Eureka - S04E12 - Reprise (Aired: 2 Jan. 2012)
When Eurekans start behaving oddly, Carter scours the town for a cause - never suspecting that Allison, miles from home, is the one facing real danger.
Eureka - S04E13 - Glimpse (Aired: 9 Jan. 2012)
Carter and Jo try out Zane's new high-powered risk assessment system, but find that even it may not be a match for the dangerous level of competition among Eureka's scientists.
Eureka - S04E14 - Up in the Air (Aired: 9 Jan. 2012)
Carter must solve an only-in-Eureka bank robbery before the town floats away, while Allison deals with unsettling episodes of lost time.
Eureka - S04E15 - Omega Girls (Aired: 16 Jan. 2012)
The predicted danger posed by Allison materializes when she is subjected to mind control to steal Eureka's secrets.
Eureka - S04E16 - Of Mites and Men (Aired: 16 Jan. 2012)
When the microbots assembling the Titan space craft finish their task they opt to take on a new project and proceed to devour Eureka in the process. In isolation for a mission evaluation the Titan team can't tell if the microbot catastrophe is real or just part of the test.
Eureka - S04E17 - Clash of the Titans (Aired: 23 Jan. 2012)
Preparations for the Titan mission have the unintended consequence of turning the local Eureka environment into Titan's. Meanwhile, Eureka couples struggle to come to terms with each other and the DoD sends an investigator to evaluate Jack and Allison's relationship.
Eureka - S04E18 - This One Time at Space Camp... (Aired: 23 Jan. 2012)
As the Astraeus candidates undergo final interviews, Carter and Allison appeal the results of their relationship audit while trying to keep a lid on escalating mishaps around town.
Eureka - S04E20 - One Giant Leap... (Aired: 30 Jan. 2012)
Hours before the launch of the Titan mission Eureka struggles with black holes and, having decided who will stay and who will go, goodbyes.
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