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First Dates TV series, shows/cartoon,anime,magma/Documentaries - MobileTVshows
First Dates (in TV)
Last Updated: 11 Dec, 2019

Season 2 - Episodes
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This is a live series. The upcoming episode
(Season 13 - Episode 6 - Episode 6)
will be aired on Dec 17,2019

First Dates
First Dates - S02E01 - Episode 1 (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-02-12)
Best friends Ben and Ross are two cheeky lads from Bournemouth who arrive together for their dates. Ross's advice to his nervous wingman is to 'just be funny', but can Ben laugh broken-hearted Lucy into a second date? And will he be the 'Mr Right, not Mr Right Now' she's looking for? Meanwhile, will Ross be quite so confident when he meets no-nonsense Mancunian Regan? For one dater, the first date nerves present an extra challenge. Paul worries that his stammer, which is sometimes made worse by anxiety, will get the better of him. Will he be able to relax in front of Canadian writer Christine? Or will her claim that men find her intelligence intimidating prevent their relationship from getting off the ground? Self-assured policewoman Angie displays not a shred of nerves on her first date. At 45, she may be 18 years older than her 6' 6" hunky ex-soldier date Chris, but that doesn't stop her going after exactly what she wants... With only an online photo to view, nobody really knows what to expect from their date; certainly not divorcé Mo. He may have been paired with the beautiful, leggy blonde Chloe, but he hasn't bargained for her stumpy legged Chihuahua, Bentley, as well. Fashionista Danielle normally goes out with footballers and models but the sparks fly straight away when she meets city boy Rory. He says that he's 'no Brad Pitt' but could this be the start of something beautiful between the pair?
First Dates
First Dates - S02E04 - Episode 4 (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-03-05)
Headstrong Mancunian make-up artist Regan returns to the First Dates restaurant. While some men may cower at the sight of her six-inch stilettos, hunky self-confessed metrosexual Jon is determined to find her soft side; but will she let him? Alpha-male playboy Mostafa believes every girl would like to marry him. So why is he still single? 'I'm just too perfect,' he says. Is cutie Cara his perfect match? Heavy metal fan Dan from Episode 3 returns to the restaurant. He seems to find a kindred spirit in Sarah: she's even heard of Nightwish! Will his dream of finding a fair maiden to play live-action role playing games come true? Corinne is back in the restaurant after her catastrophic date with Rajan. Things seem to perk up when an Adonis called Zane walks into the restaurant. Will the love gods shine on them? It's never too late to find love. Jackie's on her first date in 10 years while Colin is looking for a lady who shares his 'ready-to-go' attitude. History buff and one-time Countdown contestant Jonny is also looking for someone special. Will window saleswoman Amy take down all his numbers, or will his resemblance to a certain bespectacled comedian put her off?
First Dates
First Dates - S02E05 - Episode 5 (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-03-12)
There's a theme of second chances in this episode, with diners returning to the First Dates restaurant hoping not to repeat past mistakes. Mostafa returns after an unsuccessful date in the previous episode. His new date, Megan, has a list of qualities she's looking for in a man. She's trying to move on after being cheated on in the past, and is ready to love again. Can she tame a commitment-phobe like Mostafa, or will she decide that he's not worth the time? Also returning is unlucky-in-love Corinne, hoping that third time's a charm. Could Will be the gentleman she's looking for? Talk turns to his 'mum' tattoo in a private place... Gym manager Claire, who says she thinks about men 24/7, is immediately captivated by former basketball player Kenny's mighty physique. Claire's giving men another chance after spending 11 years dating only women. Can 6' 6" Kenny, and his biceps 'James' and 'Andrew', sweep her off her feet? Tommy from Series 1 is still looking for Mr Right. But his new date, Adam, has a wandering eye and can't seem to stop staring at another dater over Tommy's shoulder. While Adam's in the loo, Tommy calls the one person he can depend on for advice: his mum. Suave Parisian Jean-Christophe, or JC, would like to meet a 'beautiful, sensational' English lady with the brains to match. He bonds with twice-divorced writer and fellow wine connoisseur Sarah, who's looking for a partner for life. Does Sarah have the je ne sais quoi JC's looking for? Former Countdown contestant Jonny is back looking for someone he'll have an intellectual rapport with. Mystical world traveller Clare is 40 but says her 'spiritual age' is 28. She's ready to settle down after putting men on the back-burner; will the stars align for Jonny and Clare?
First Dates
First Dates - S02E06 - Episode 6 (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-03-19)
Talkative primary school teacher Sarah-Jayne is looking for her Prince Charming, but would Martin shave off his beard for her? After his disappointing date with Regan in the first episode of the series, Ross returns to the restaurant, still armed with his cheesy jokes. Jess is looking for a manly man, but what will she make of Ross's sense of humour? Glamorous Rachel is looking for a man with a 'certain aura'. What will she make of old romantic Alan, who has been unlucky in love? Could romance blossom as they discuss her experiences of living with OCD? They say opposites attract, so what do well-groomed romcom fan Rich and self-confessed ladette Millie think of each other? Nike is tired with 'always being the bridesmaid' and is looking for The One. Performance art student Stephan is immediately attracted to Nike, but does Nike feel the same? Tabitha says she's always struggled talking to boys after going to an all-girls school, and that she used to practise snogging on her classmates. Is Old Etonian Mark the man she's been waiting for?
First Dates
First Dates - S02E07 - Episode 7 (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-03-26)
Essex DJ Terry 'Turbo' is back! He worked his charms on three dates in the first series, but didn't find a match. Now he says he's changed his Jack-the-lad ways. His date Lauren says she loves a challenge and is confident that she can tame Terry. Has he met his match this time? Will it be double trouble when gay identical twins Ben and Gary meet their dates? Ben dates 24-year-old Darius, who's so used to the single life he's started to prefer his own company. Meanwhile, Ralph, Gary's date, is dissatisfied with being the only single guy at weddings. When the twins nip away for a gossip, Ralph turns his attentions to Darius... Joker Josh has been single for three years and is beginning to feel like his mates are leaving him behind with their relationships. He meets city girl Sophia, who believes you're never too young to meet your soulmate. Londoner Rochelle, who's 23, is looking for love that's more than skin deep, but is tired of meeting guys who can't see past her job: modelling on an adult TV channel. Her date, motivational speaker Warren, believes in positive thoughts leading to positive results. He dreams of building the perfect family with someone special. They're both looking for love; will they find it with each other? And self-confessed geek Angela and energetic dancer Stephan return to the restaurant for a date with each other. They bond over their shared passions for music, dancing and the lighter side of life; will they want to meet again?
First Dates
First Dates - S02E08 - Episode 8 (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-04-02)
Cheeky bank manager Ross visits the First Dates restaurant for the third time. Ross has been single for three years, and hopes that primary school teacher Sarah-Jayne will be his third time lucky. Will sparks fly with Sarah-Jayne's ice-breaker games? Lee from Yorkshire had two dates in the restaurant in the first series, when he met a potential partner. But now he's back again for another try. Will he be wooed by Ralph and his obsession with how and when he is going to die? Also returning is smooth-talking beauty salon owner Kenny, who knows for a fact that he's going to get lucky with his 'smoking hot' date Jess. He claims that owning a beauty salon has helped him understand women and given him a head-start against other men. But will Jess fall for Kenny and his biceps, James and Andrew? Why do some men always end up in the dreaded 'friend zone' and can sales manager Yemi finally escape from it and find romance? Things are looking positive when he meets occasional DJ Chelsea, who shares his love of music and is impressed by his record deal. But will they make sweet music together? Computer programmer Andrew, who's 35, has been single for over a decade, but will he click with old-fashioned romantic Sarah?



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