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Louie (in TV)
Louie is an American comedy television series on the FX network. It stars stand-up comedian Louis C.K. as a newly divorced father raising his two daughters in New York City.[1][2] The network has ordered 13 episodes of the series,[3] which began airing on June 29, 2010.[3][4] It is a half-hour production.[5] Louis C.K. said the show would be different from typical comedy shows. The comedian previously starred in the HBO series Lucky Louie, which developed a cult following, but was canceled after only one season
Last Updated: 27 Jun, 2015

Season 1 - Episodes
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Louie - S01E01 - Louie, Draw Me A House (AVI) (Aired: 2006-02-13)
Louie and Yoko are playing in the garden, but it's about to rain. What can they do? Louie draws a house and the two friends take shelter. But as soon as the sun comes out again, they can't wait to go outside and play some more.
Louie - S01E02 - Louie, Draw Me A Snail (AVI)
Yoko is in the mood for playing, but it's raining and the animals have left. Who will play with her now? Louie draws a snail. Louie and Yoko play hide and seek, but the snail is so slow they fall asleep while they hide.
Louie - S01E04 - Louie, Draw Me A Dog (AVI)
Louie has lost his scarf. Who can help him find it? The answer is someone with a good sense of smell, so Louie draws a dog. Before finding the scarf, the dog finds all sorts of things Louie had lost.
Louie - S01E05 - Louie, Draw Me A Flower (AVI)
Louie draws some flowers for his mum, but feels they are too beautiful to pick so prepares a lovely flowerbed for her instead.
Louie - S01E06 - Louie, Draw Me A Rhinoceros (AVI)
Louie and Yoko meet a sad and lonely tic-tic bird, who they help to befriend a rhinoceros that Louie draws.
Louie - S01E07 - Louie, Draw Me A Penguin (AVI)
After sliding around on a frozen lake, Louie and Yoko decide they need an ice-skating teacher, so Louie draws a penguin, who gives them a demonstration and teaches them to skate well.
Louie - S01E08 - Louie, Draw Me A Dolphin (AVI)
Louie and Yoko are on the beach, but they are too scared to go swimming - then a dolphin shows Yoko the pleasures of the water.
Louie - S01E10 - Louie, Draw Me A Boat (AVI)
It's very windy. What do you do when it is windy? Go sailing, of course! Louie draws a sailing boat and he and Yoko climb aboard and navigate the sea.
Louie - S01E11 - Louie, Draw Me A Dragon (AVI)
Louie and Yoko are playing knights and princesses, but they are missing a baddie! Louie draws a dragon who is very enthusiastic - but he's much too kind to play baddies!
Louie - S01E12 - Louie, Draw Me A Robot (AVI)
There are lots of leaves to gather up in the garden today, and Louie and Yoko are in a rush to go and play. How can they finish their work more quickly? Louie draws a robot to help them - then he wants to play as well!
Louie - S01E13 - Louie, Draw Me A Rocket (AVI)
Yoko and Louie see the moon bright in the sky. It's so lovely they want to go there and play. So Louie draws a rocket and they set off on a trip to the moon! The earth is so beautiful seen from above!


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