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MythBusters (in TV)
The series stars special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, who use basic elements of the scientific method to test the validity of various rumors, myths, movie scenes, internet videos and news stories in popular culture.
Last Updated: 7 Mar, 2016

Season 3 - Episodes
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MythBusters - S03E01 - Brown Note (AVI) (Aired: 16 Feb. 2005)
Adam puts his body to the test for science. Will he be able to withstand subsonic frequencies, or will adult diapers be his only hope with the Brown Note? Jamie and Adam put the legend Hollywood gunfights to the test, but can you really be blown away?
MythBusters - S03E02 - Salsa Escape (AVI) (Aired: 23 Feb. 2005)
Adam and Jamie investigate whether or not it's possible to bust out of jail using only salsa -- will mild or hot be the best choice? They also test to see if a massive amount of high explosive can break up a cement truck filled with hardened cement.
MythBusters - S03E03 - Exploding Port-A-Potty (AVI) (Aired: 2 Mar. 2005)
Jamie and Adam put another zany car myth through the ringer. Can a broken drive shaft on the front joint of a car vault cause the car to pole vault after it hits a pothole? Revisit an old myth about port-a-potties and third degree burns.
MythBusters - S03E04 - Is Yawning Contagious? (AVI) (Aired: 9 Mar. 2005)
Jamie and Adam examine whether yawning is contagious. They also examine whether a toy car can out race a real car.
MythBusters - S03E05 - Mythbusters Outtakes (AVI) (Aired: 16 Mar. 2005)
A look at outtakes and deleted scenes from previous episodes.
MythBusters - S03E06 - Cooling a Six Pack (AVI) (Aired: 23 Mar. 2005)
Adam and Jamie examine the fastest way to cool a six-pack of beer. They also examine static electricity and test Busters body by dropping him while he's in a car.
MythBusters_-_S03E07_(Special_3)_-_Hollywood_on_Trial.avi (AVI)
MythBusters - S03E08 - Shop Til You Drop (AVI) (Aired: 4 Apr. 2005)
The Mythbusters discuss their favorite stores and vendors they go to buy supplies for the show. Adam and Kari explain how to make ballistics gel.
MythBusters - S03E09 - Mythbusters Revealed (AVI) (Aired: 27 Apr. 2005)
A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Mythbusters.
MythBusters - S03E10 - Hollywood on Trial (AVI) (Aired: 5 May 2005)
Hollywood myths are put to the test. Bullets spark when they ricochet off objects. Aluminum paint had a bad reaction on Wizard of Oz actor Jack Haley which hospitalized him. A large person can break through a door frame. A person can be thrown through a glass window and not be injured. A pool of gas can be ignited by throwing a cigarette at it.
MythBusters - S03E11 - Breaking Glass (AVI) (Aired: 18 May 2005)
The mythbusters are testing a myth of operatic proportions-- Can a singer really break glass with just their voice? Ex rock singer, Jaime Vendera attempts a world first! Tory takes on building an explosive jet engine out of vacuum cleaner parts.
MythBusters - S03E12 - Jet Pack (AVI) (Aired: 9 Jun. 2005)
Adam and Jamie embark on the longest and most ambitious build ever undertaken. The sky is literally the limit as they aim to take wing on their own personal flying machine. They set out to see whether these flying machines are as magnificent as claimed...
MythBusters - S03E13 - Killer Brace Position (AVI) (Aired: 22 Jun. 2005)
Jamie and Adam examine whether the brace position was designed by the airline industry to kill people rather than save them during an airplane crash. They also examine whether driving while talking on the cell phone is just as dangerous as driving while drunk.
MythBusters - S03E14 - Bullet Proof Water, 360 Degree Swing (AVI) (Aired: 13 Jul. 2005)
Adam and Jamie test two urban legends; in 'Bullet Proof Water' find out exactly how deep one must dive to survive a gunshot, and in '360 Degree Swing' find out if it is possible to get a swinger to go all the way around a swing set, up and over the bar.
MythBusters - S03E15 - Escape Slide Parachute (AVI) (Aired: 10 Aug. 2005)
Jamie and Adam test the parachute qualities of airline evacuation equipment in their favorite mythbusting location-the Mojave Desert. After being stranded on a plane without pilot, fuel or parachute, Indy spots the emergency Life Raft...
MythBusters - S03E16 - Border Slingshot (AVI) (Aired: 27 Jul. 2005)
Adam and Jamie test the myth that immigrants are becoming human projectiles, firing themselves two hundred yards across the border and into the United States. They build a human sized slingshot to see if it's feasibly possible to fly over the frontier.
MythBusters - S03E17 - Killer Tissue Box (AVI) (Aired: 3 Aug. 2005)
'Killer Tissue Box' is an investigation into whether a tissue box can become a lethal missile in a car crash. In 'Split Arrow' the build team tests whether an archer can split one arrow with another, as the legendary Robin Hood was said to have done.
MythBusters - S03E18 - Jaws Special (AVI) (Aired: 17 Jul. 2005)
Shark strength myths - destruction of a shark cage, catching a shark with piano wire, submersion of barrels, pulling and ramming a boat. Scarring a shark by punching. Blowing up a scuba tank.
MythBusters - S03E19 - Mythbusters Revisited (AVI) (Aired: 12 Oct. 2005)
Adam and Jamie take their detractors head on as they revisit some of their favorite myths. They're going to answer them once and for all and forever silence their critics! Also, Adam and Jamie get another chance to shoot high-powered rifles at Buster!
MythBusters - S03E20 - Chinese Invasion Alarm (AVI) (Aired: 19 Oct. 2005)
The MythBusters are actually taking a pot shot at an ancient Chinese text that alludes to a subterranean sonar system that could apparently detect and intercept an invasion from below. Also, if food's on the floor less than five seconds is it safe to eat?


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