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Psych (in cartoon)
Psych is an American comedy television series created by Steve Franks and broadcast on USA Network. The show stars James Roday as Shawn Spencer, a young crime consultant for the Santa Barbara Police Department (SBPD) whose "heightened observational skills"[1] and impressive detective instincts allow him to convince people that he is psychic.
Last Updated: 2 Aug, 2014

Season 3 - Episodes
Psych - S03E01 - Ghosts (High MP4) (Aired: 30 November 2010)
When Gus's pharmaceutical company forces him to quit Psych, Shawn tries to salvage the partnership by taking a case for the company vice president, who claims that his house is being haunted.
Psych - S03E02 - Murder?... Anyone?... Anyone?... Bueller? (High MP4) (Aired: 7 December 2010)
Shawn believes that a murder has taken place at his and Gus's high school reunion...but has a hard time getting anyone to believe him, as he's unable to come up with a suspect, a victim, or a motive.
Psych - S03E03 - Daredevils! (High MP4) (Aired: 14 December 2010)
Shawn and Gus try to infiltrate the tight circle of Dutch "The Clutch" Jenkins, an aging daredevil, after his son claims that someone is sabotaging his father's stunts.
Psych - S03E04 - The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable (High MP4) (Aired: 21 December 2010)
Shawn's Uncle Jack leads a hunt for pirate treasure.
Psych - S03E05 - Disco Didn't Die. It Was Murdered! (High MP4) (Aired: 4 January 2011)
When Henry's biggest arrest gets released from jail on a technicality, Shawn is hired to to fix it before his dad could take matters into his own hands but when Henry finds out, Psych has to do things "70's style" to make things right.
Psych - S03E06 - There Might Be Blood (High MP4) (Aired: 11 January 2011)
A safety inspector is murdered on an offshore oil rig. Chief Vick's sister is a Coast Gaurd Commander investigating the crime. Soon, Vick and her sister clash over the jurisdiction of the case and also the services of the Psych agency.
Psych - S03E07 - Talk Derby to Me (High MP4) (Aired: 1 February 2011)
Juliet goes undercover as a roller derby girl. Gus studies at all moments for an important exam. Shawn works with Juliet and attempts to flatter her multiple times.
Psych - S01E07 - Who Ya Gonna Call? (High MP4) (Aired: 11 December 2007)
A man comes to Gus and Shawn claiming he's being haunted, while Carlton and Juliet work the murder of a doctor.
Psych - S03E08 - Gus Walks Into a Bank (High MP4) (Aired: 8 February 2011)
When Gus is taken hostage inside the Santa Barbara Savings and Loan Bank, Shawn becomes the gunman's chief negotiator in the hopes of saving his best friend.
Psych - S03E09 - Christmas Joy (High MP4) (Aired: 28 December 2010)
A little girl asks Shawn and Gus to help get Santa out of jail. They get Santa out, then realize Santa & the girl are con men planning a big heist. Gus's sister Joy is in town, and she wants to see Shawn romantically again.
Psych - S03E10 - Six Feet Under the Sea (High MP4) (Aired: 15 February 2011)
Shawn and Gus are hired by April MacArthur, an attractive marine biologist, who suspects that a recently released sea lion's death resulted from foul play and thinks wildlife television host Randy Labayda may be involved.
Psych - S03E11 - Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing (High MP4) (Aired: 22 February 2011)
Shawn and Gus must clear Lassiter's name in the face of overwhelming evidence when he is the prime suspect in the murder of an arrested-turned-state witness.
Psych - S03E12 - Earth, Wind and... Wait for It (High MP4) (Aired: 1 March 2011)
An arson inspector reluctantly teams up with Shawn and Gus to find the perpetrator of a string of fires.
Psych - S03E14 - Truer Lies (High MP4) (Aired: 15 March 2011)
Every lie is built on a kernel of truth. This time, compulsive liar Ryan, who is notorious for calling in tips and sending the department on wild goose chases, is telling the truth about ... See full summary »
Psych - S03E16 - An Evening with Mr. Yang (High MP4) (Aired: 29 March 2011)
Serial killer Mr. Yin Yang who murdered 6 victims in 1995 resurfaces to play his cat-and-mouse clues games as he did with police officers back then. He has never been defeated and chooses ... See full summary »

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