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Robot Chicken (in cartoon)
The program is a sketch comedy that parodies a number of pop culture conventions using stop motion animation of toys, action figures, dolls, and claymation (usually for special effects) and various other objects, such as tongue depressors and The Game of Life pegs. The show's name was inspired by a dish on the menu at a West Hollywood Chinese restaurant, Kung Pao Bistro, where Green and Senreich had dined, although the series originally was intended to be titled "Junk in the Trunk".
Last Updated: 23 Jul, 2018

Season 1 - Episodes
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Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E01 - Junk in the Trunk (Aired: 2005-02-20)
See what happened after the cameras stopped rolling on Rachel Leigh Cook's memorable public service announcement. Also, witness the tragic end to one of the most beloved Transformers of all time, Optimus Prime. And no one will want to miss the outcome of "The World's Most One-Sided Fistfights Caught on Film." Plus, watch the wacky outtakes that were never meant for public view in "Bloopers." Rated TV-14-DV.
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E02 - Nutcracker Sweet (Aired: 2005-02-27)
"You Got Robo-Served" brings Voltron, the Defender of the Universe, to center stage in a break dancing contest against Robeast. In "Secrets of the Animal Kingdom," an educational trip into nature reveals the secrets behind the mongoose, hyena and lemming. Finally, deep into the underground tunnels of Disney World, Walt Disney's head lives on and feeds on Cuban children. Rated TV-MA.
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E03 - Gold Dust Gasoline (Aired: 2005-03-06)
"Missing the Ark," reveals the truth behind the animals that made it onto Noah's Ark. Go into a third-grade classroom to hear a kid's version of heroism, true love and fart jokes in "The Best Cowboy." Then, join Vin Diesel, Batman and Robin, Michael Knight KITT, along with a multitude of others, in "Three Fast Three Furious." Rated TV-14-DLV.
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E04 - Plastic Buffet (Aired: 2005-03-13)
In "Meteorgeddon," Harrison Ford and Aerosmith fly off to stop an asteroid that could destroy the Earth. See what happens when pet owners strap their animals to skis, sending them down steep hills and off cliffs in the Winter Pet Games. Then, watch Chucky get the stuffing knocked out of him when he steps into the lair of Lettuce Head Kids. The post-Muppet Show history of Dr. Teeth and his band is in "Behind the Music: Electric Mayhem." Rated TV-14-DLV
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E05 - Toyz in the Hood (Aired: 2005-03-20)
Barbie plays the Tooth Fairy in the darkest sketch comedy ever. Skeletor, Lex Luthor, Mumm-Ra, and Cobra Commander try to get to work. More bloopers.
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E06 - Vegetable Funfest (Aired: 2005-03-27)
Movie plot twists are spoiled; Beavis and Butthead destroy the Teen Titans; the cheesiest funeral comedy sketch ever; the Great Pumpkin destroys the Peanuts.
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E07 - A Piece of the Action (Aired: 2005-04-03)
Super-villains and washed-up TV personalities like Corey Feldman, Vanilla Ice and Erik Estrada band together on a quest to Mordor in an attempt to destroy the One Ring in "The Surrealer Life." "Exhausted Budget Theater" uses Popsicle sticks to re-enact the beloved classic Debbie Does Dallas. And "The Cons of War" shows the truth behind the mysterious veil of comics/sci-fi conventions filled with geeks, dorks and Leonard Nimoy.
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E08 - The Deep End (Aired: 2005-04-10)
Find out what happens when seven superheroes are forced to live under one roof in "The Real World: Metropolis." Then catch Admiral James T. Kirk, Khan Noonian Sing and Kirk Cameron at work in a pizza joint in "Two Kirks, a Khan and a Pizza Place." Someone is on a mission to crack down the Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny in "Kill Bunny." Lastly, go backstage for America's favorite undead reality show, "Zombie Idol." Rated TV-14-DLV.
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E09 - S&M Present (Aired: 2005-04-17)
The Yakuza come to kill N'Sync, but leave Joey alive, left to avenge the others in "Enter The Fat One", scrambled porn, and the conclusion to "Enter the Fat One".
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E10 - Badunkadunk (Aired: 2005-04-24)
1. Happy Birthday, Billy:A skydiving clowns parachute malfunctions.2. My Bad:A jungle native impales one of his buddies with a spear.3. Fagabeefe:A guy says, 'fagabeefe'.4. Hollywood Spotlight:A revealing biography of the Incredible Hulk.5. Who's Nuts Now?:A squirrel with a sniper rifle.6. Sabrina the Teenage Bitch:In her new spin-off Sabrina is a condescending bitch.7. Pinocchio's Firewood:In order to keep warm, Pinocchio lies so that his nose grows and uses it as firewood.8. Chappaqua Follies:Bill Clinton hides his interns in his closet.9. Wheelchair Ride:An old guy in a wheelchair goes down a hill and flies off a cliff.10. Leon!!:Umm... You're just going to have to watch this one.11. Sabrina the Teenage Bitch (Part 2):Sabrina pretends to help her hungry cat get to his food, but then decides not to in order to be a bitch.12. Domestic Bird Squabble:A couple of Robins break up.13. Eternia News Network:Beast Man publicizes a sex tape between him and Teela.14. Inept Garbage Collector:A garbage man mistakes an occupied Port-O-John for a garbage can.15. Sabrina the Teenage Bitch (Part 3):Sabrina as a witch takes kids Halloween candy and throws it off of a bridge.16. Where's Michael?:Michael Jackson has yet another court appearance.
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E11 - Toy Meets Girl (Aired: 2005-05-01)
Shatner's wig makes the nightly rounds. Hilary Duff grooves it up in a bubblegum hip-hop rendition of "The Diary of Anne Frank". Finally, Michael Moore hosts a "Whatever Happened To . . ." retrospective on whatever happened to your favorite late 80s cartoon heroes.
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E12 - Midnight Snack (Aired: 2005-05-15)
Conan O'Brien as Randy The Oblivious Pizza Delivery Guy, World's Most One-Sided Fistfights: Mardi Gras, The Educational Wrestling Federation with Benjamin Franklin vs. The Wright Brothers, Oprah, The Terror of Rumpelstiltskin, and 12 Angry Little People.
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E13 - Atta Toy (Aired: 2005-05-22)
In "Ding Dong, King Kong." A famous monkey breaks out of its cage, a Hollywood News and Gossip gets a nastly treament. The Smurfs are scrambling to find the one behind a string of serial killings in the village, killings that are mimicking the seven deadly sins.
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E14 - Joint Point (Aired: 2005-06-05)
Sailor Moon encounters a bone-chilling villain. A nerd wins a date with famous actress Scarlett Johansson. "Welcome to the Terrordrome" showcases inner-office machinations at the headquarters of G.I. Joe's nemesis Cobra. "America's Most Tragic Home Videos" will make you laugh and cry. Rated TV-MA.
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E15 - Kiddie Pool (Aired: 2005-06-12)
Then, it's a fight to the death in a retirement home, Matrix-style, in "Grandma Fu." Mary-Kate and Ashley save the world from a rampaging dragon with a bad skin condition in "A Day in the Life of the Olsen Twins." And "Unsolved Case Files" looks into the death of George Jetson at the hands of his robotic made in "I, Rosie." Rated TV-14-LSV.
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E16 - Nightmare Generator (Aired: 2005-06-19)
Jared from the Subway commercials gets locked in a bakery, another unsolved case file titled: Claus and Effect, Stephen Spielberg's new remake of Jaws, a new board game called Euthanasia, and a new mission for the A Team is underway. Rated TV-14-LV.
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E17 - Operation Rich In Spirit (Aired: 2005-06-26)
New video game Codename: Abortionator, Massage happy ending, Keanu Reeves and friends for "Keanu Sausage", Scooby Doo and the gang go to Camp Crystal Lake.
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E18 - The Sack (Aired: 2005-07-03)
Predator First Date, Updated version of the videogame Frogger, Carousel Of Tommorrow : With Edgar Wembley III., Mayor McCheese press conference, (The Jewish James Bond) Ross Hashanah in Never Say Goy!, Life for Popeye, Olive Oil & Bluto: If there were no Wimpy., Violent Video games meet Donkey Kong and The Stix Rabbit and Cereal characters as the new drug lords.
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E19 - That Hurts Me (Aired: 2005-07-10)
1. That Better Not Be Poo:A man catches a kid before he could light a paper bag of poo on fire.2. Nerds are Hot:A nerd got laid.3. Simon Says Go Play In Traffic:Good way to get rid of the kids.4. Godzilla Remade Again:Godzilla gets remade again and is even more of a piece of crap than it was before.5. Fear Itself:Franklin Delano Roosevelt gets criticized for his speech.6. Cliff Pogo:A kid on a pogo stick falls off a cliff and comes back up.7. Where Do They Get The Energy?:Characters on a kids show energize up.8. Batmonkey:Batmonkey fights the Jokermonkey after he robs a bank.9. Crazy Davey:Crazy Davey files bankruptcy.10. Fear Itself (Part 2):FDR revises his speech11. Huggytime Bears:A man gets shot in the head with an arrow. Then he gets reincarnated as a Huggytime Bear. Then he pushes the shamrock bear into a fire and then returns to his original fire.12. I Got You, Timmy!:Revenge is a bitch.13. Big Horror Movie Brother:Freddy Kruger, Hellraiser, Ghostface, Michael, and Leatherface compete on Big Brother.
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S01E20 - The Black Cherry (Aired: 2005-07-18)
Napoleon Bonamite; fizzing candy; "King of the Beach"; "You Can't Do That on Robot Chicken"
Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken - S00E07 - Robot Chicken Star Wars Special II.avi (High MP4)
Robot Chicken
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Robot Chicken
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