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Scrubs (in TV)
The show follows the lives of several employees of Sacred Heart, a teaching hospital. It features fast-paced dialogue, slapstick, and surreal vignettes presented mostly as the daydreams of the central character, Dr. John "J.D." Dorian. The show's title is a play on surgical scrubs.
Last Updated: 4 Jun, 2013

Season 05 - Episodes
Scrubs - S05E01 - My Intern's Eyes (Aired: 27 January 2007)
Life has changed. J.D. is now an attending and has new interns to guide, but still lives in his old apartment, hiding from Carla. Elliot tries to project a confident image at her new job. Turk's trying to get Carla pregnant. Or is he?
Scrubs - S05E02 - My Rite of Passage (Aired: 3 February 2007)
Elliot has an annoying new colleague. Cox needs a break from Jordan and orders her to find friends at work. Carla gets the impression that Elliot is ashamed of her "old" colleagues. J.D. realizes his interns find his jokes unfunny.
Scrubs - S05E03 - My Day at the Races (Aired: 3 February 2007)
Carla's still the only one who knows Elliot's fellowship was canceled. J.D. is turning 30 and gets the urge to achieve something. Turk is fighting for an attending's spot. Elliot wants Jake to open up but isn't prepared to handle it.
Scrubs - S05E04 - My Jiggly Ball (Aired: 10 February 2007)
J.D. has to introduce Kelso at an awards banquet--a job made more difficult when he rejects a patient for a drug trial in favor of a richer patient. Meanwhile, the guys want to try to get Elliot's job back.
Scrubs - S05E05 - My New God (Aired: 10 February 2007)
Dr. Cox's sister arrives at the hospital. She's a born-again Christian who wants him to participate in his son's baptism. Perry, of course, wants nothing to do with it, and her for that matter.
Scrubs - S05E06 - My Missed Perception (Aired: 17 February 2007)
J.D. mistakes an elderly woman's happiness as her wish to stop treatment for a fatal illness. Turk and Elliot struggle to find the cause of a patient's body pain and Carla tries to organize the annual group photo.
Scrubs - S05E08 - My Big Bird (Aired: 24 February 2007)
J.D., Turk, Elliot and Carla are accused of neglect and must face an interrogation by Cox and Kelso, when a patient unexpectedly dies during their their watch.
Scrubs - S05E09 - My Half-Acre (Aired: 24 February 2007)
When a potential new girlfriend enters J.D.'s life, Elliot offers J.D. relationship advice and tries to help break his bad habit of ruining romantic moments by uttering really inappropriate... See full summary »
Scrubs - S05E10 - Her Story II (Aired: 3 March 2007)
When Carla begins to feel old, she drags her friends to a college club and decides to take a fertility test, among other things. And while all of J.D.'s friends love Julie, they begin to ... See full summary »
Scrubs - S05E11 - My Buddy's Booty (Aired: 3 March 2007)
The Sacred Heart staffers each try different ways to take their minds off the fact that a favorite patient, Mrs. Wilk, has to undergo an extremely risky procedure. While J.D. and Elliot try... See full summary »
Scrubs - S05E12 - My Cabbage (Aired: 10 March 2007)
J.D.'s dislike for and resentment towards intern Keith increases to the point where J.D. tries to get him dismissed from Sacred Heart, but the plan backfires. Elsewhere, Elliot and Turk ... See full summary »
Scrubs - S05E13 - My Five Stages (Aired: 10 March 2007)
Grief counseling is offered to Mrs. Wilk, whose condition has worsened considerably. As she comes to accept her fate with help from a quirky therapist, J.D. and Dr. Cox surprisingly turn to... See full summary »
Scrubs - S05E14 - My Own Personal Hell (Aired: 17 March 2007)
Elliot gets upset with J.D. when he doesn't defend her after she's accused by the other interns of giving preferential treatment to Keith. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox is stuck caring for one of Dr. ... See full summary »
Scrubs - S05E15 - My Extra Mile (Aired: 17 March 2007)
When Dr. Cox scoffs at reading lines with a patient preparing for a play, J.D. urges his fellow doctors to do special, unconventional things for their patients. But when J.D. scores a date ... See full summary »
Scrubs - S05E16 - My Bright Idea (Aired: 24 March 2007)
Turk finds out that Carla is pregnant.
Scrubs - S05E17 - My Chopped Liver (Aired: 24 March 2007)
When J.D. rearranges his schedule to allow himself more time with Turk, Turk secretly resents hanging out with J.D. because it interferes with his own "Turk Time." Meanwhile, Cox and Jordan... See full summary »
Scrubs - S05E18 - My New Suit (Aired: 24 March 2007)
J.D. is forced to show his brother Dan some tough love when he shows up in town. Carla and Turk pick baby names. Dr. Cox realizes the consequences of making negative comments about Kelso's son.
Scrubs - S05E19 - His Story III (Aired: 31 March 2007)
The hospital is seen from the perspective of The Janitor, who's out to prove he can make a difference after getting rid of J.D. for the day. Also, Turk sees his "blackness" called into ... See full summary »
Scrubs - S05E20 - My Lunch (Aired: 31 March 2007)
J.D. accidentally runs into Dr. Cox in a store, who both then run into annoying former suicidal patient Jill Tracy. Meanwhile Elliot and Carla do a little investigating and find out that ... See full summary »
Scrubs - S05E21 - My Fallen Idol (Aired: 31 March 2007)
Carla persuades all her coworkers to rally around a despondent Dr. Cox, after three of his patients die because of his mistake. Everyone participates except J.D., who thinks his selfish reaction crossed the line.
Scrubs - S05E22 - My Déjà Vu, My Déjà Vu (Aired: 7 April 2007)
Dr. Cox returns to the hospital, but Elliot quickly learns the hard way that he's still his same old obnoxious self. And Carla forces Turk to also give up the things she has to give up while she's pregnant.
Scrubs - S05E23 - My Urologist (Aired: 7 April 2007)
J.D. challenges a urologist's assessment on a consult for a patient who might need a risky surgical procedure, feeling that she's playing it safe professionally and personally, since he ... See full summary »
Scrubs - S05E24 - My Transition (Aired: 7 April 2007)
J.D. tries to plan the perfect date for Dr. Briggs, but Elliot keeps getting in the way. Elliot plans a baby shower for Carla while two other women also discover they're pregnant.

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