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Silent Witness (in TV)
Silent Witness is a crime thriller series, produced for the BBC, focusing on a team of forensic pathology experts and their investigations into various crimes. First broadcast in 1996, and still airing as of the present day, the series was created by Nigel McCrery, a former murder squad detective based in Nottingham. He later went on to create the hit series New Tricks, with writer Roy Mitchell.
Last Updated: 27 Jan, 2016

Season 15 - Episodes
Silent Witness
Silent Witness
Silent Witness - S15E02 - Death Has No Dominion: Part 2 (Aired: 2 Apr. 2012)
An eye witness account and identification of a car links a youth called Lee Ness to the farm shop murders but he claims not to know the Wraith. Tom Byrne,recently widowed,and Nikki,who has just lost her father,develop a rapport whilst interviewing the parents of another supposed victim of the Wraith,who have their own views on the murderer's identity. A discrepancy in the findings of the Wraith's DNA at different crime scenes leads Harry to take samples from a rival laboratory. The result reveals an elaborately plotted revenge scenario to punish the police for the ...
Silent Witness
Silent Witness - S15E03 - And Then I Fell in Love: Part 1 (Aired: 8 Apr. 2012)
When Nikki sees barefoot teen-ager Shannon Kelly run over by a car whilst fleeing somebody she sits with her until the ambulance arrives and later visits her in hospital,where it is clear she is frightened of a man. DS Masood tells Nikki Shannon has been sexually abused and suspects Abdul,her estranged stepfather. Shannon turns up at Nikki's and reluctantly agrees to go back to hospital. Meanwhile a gang of young Asian men are picking up and grooming white school-girls for the sex trade. They already have Shannon's friend Amy and go after two more,Hannah and Lauren. ...
Silent Witness
Silent Witness - S15E04 - And Then I Fell in Love: Part 2 (Aired: 9 Apr. 2012)
Through a DNA link the pathologists find that John Dear was a client of unwilling child prostitutes Shannon and the deceased Amy whilst the suitcase victim is also identified. Nikki visits Shannon in hospital and learns about the gang of abductors but the young girl is too scared to name names. Through CCTV DS Masood gets the car registration number of a visitor to Shannon and arrives at a taxi firm where Salman,a somewhat reluctant and kind-hearted gang member, works. Salman helps Hannah and Lauren escape but is killed when his taxi crashes. The three girls are ...
Silent Witness
Silent Witness - S15E05 - Paradise Lost: Part 1 (Aired: 15 Apr. 2012)
Leo gives evidence at a custody hearing in the wake of a child's death,his opinion over-ruling that of Dr Helen Karamides,which annoys her former pupil Nikki,who sees Helen as the victim of the male establishment and cannot believe the accusation that Helen is retaining tissue samples from past cases. Nikki is also approached by Andy Farmer. His mother Annie was the appropriate adult at the interview with serial killer Arnold Mears,who now directs Annie to the sites of his victims' remains where she collects their bones. Andy wants Nikki to help identify them. Nikki ...
Silent Witness
Silent Witness - S15E06 - Paradise Lost: Part 2 (Aired: 16 Apr. 2012)
Leo feels guilty when Helen kills herself,leaving an explanation on Camcorder that she took the tissues to further scientific research. Aware that Mears killed more women than he was imprisoned for, Leo tells the police about the arrangement with Annie,scaring Andy, who believes that Mears will have his mother murdered for the breach of trust. It is also revealed that Annie believes her daughter was one of Mears' victims,hence her involvement with him. When Annie disappears Nikki visits Mears,who agrees to tell her about all his other victims. He appears to have won ...
Silent Witness
Silent Witness - S15E08 - Domestic: Part 2 (Aired: 9 Apr. 2012)
After Kevin dies in a car crash Harry is surprised to see Joel keeping a vigil by Charlie's hospital bed. Whilst denying murder Joel professes that he loved Gemma was shocked that she was sleeping with Charlie. Stuart's initial alibi breaks down when CCTV footage shows Kevin, not him, at the hotel in question but he admits to an affair with Mrs Barron. The murderer is eventually exposed after a shocking betrayal is revealed, leading to an horrific reaction.
Silent Witness
Silent Witness - S15E09 - Redhill: Part 1 (Aired: 22 Apr. 2012)
Prison inspector Rachel Kruger is murdered,along with young Nick Owen,a man she was visiting,whose computer is stolen.Inspector Bridges tells Leo she reckons Rachel's husband Peter killed his wife and her suspected lover but Peter claims that Rachel was in danger because she was investigating sinister events at Redhill prison,particularly the mysterious death of convict James Wade,and Leo believes him. The team joins the police investigation of Redhill,where governor Cairns is less than helpful and Rachel's original source,Dr Ross,too scared to speak out. But, ...
Silent Witness
Silent Witness - S15E10 - Redhill: Part 2 (Aired: 23 Apr. 2012)
When prison officer Ellis Roberts and convict Benjamin Johnson are killed after a supposed cell fight Leo is suspicious of corrupt officer Kessler,whose evidence about the fight does not ring true and is found to have fathered a child with Andrea Bridges before he left the police under a cloud. Nikki persuades Bridges to confess that she covered for Kessler in the past but,despite Kessler visiting Leo to threaten him,there is doubt that he murdered James Wade and the prison inspectors Kruger and Owen. The eventual discovery of the truth spells bitterness for both Leo,...
Silent Witness
Silent Witness
Silent Witness - S15E12 - Fear: Part 2 (High MP4) (Aired: 30 Apr. 2012)
Shocked by the news of the exorcism Sean joins Leo in visiting Father Jacobs though he tells them that he did not perform the exorcism and Nikki tracks down the nun,Sister Landsley,who did so,only to find she has killed herself. Leo believes the trauma of the exorcism triggered Eve's death but then he learns from Beth how Eve thought that she was possessed after passing on the measles which blinded him to John when they were younger. With the knowledge that his grandmother killed herself John believes that possession runs in the family and now he is host to the demons...

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