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Smurf TV series, shows/cartoon,anime,magma/Documentaries - MobileTVshows
Smurf (in cartoon)
The Smurfs (Les Schtroumpfs) are a fictional group of small sky blue creatures who live in Smurf Village somewhere in the woods. The Belgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford, sometimes referred to as Peyo, introduced Smurfs to the world in a series of comic strips, making their first appearance in the Belgian comics magazine Le Journal de Spirou on October 23, 1958.
Last Updated: 7 Aug, 2009

Season 1 - Episodes
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Smurf - S01E01 - The Astrosmurf (Aired: 1981-09-12)
The Smurfs help fulfill Dreamy's wish to travel to the stars by disguising themselves as Swoofs on another planet.
Smurf - S01E02 - Jokey's Medicine (Aired: 1981-09-12)
The Smurfs end up trapped in Gargamel's lair when they decide to get even with Jokey.
Smurf - S01E03 - Vanity Fare (Aired: 1981-09-12)
Gargamella si nasconde all'interno di uno specchio magico per catturare alcuni ignari Puffi.
Smurf - S01E04 - St. Smurf And The Dragon (Aired: 1981-09-19)
Un cucciolo di drago ha un appetito insaziabile per le bacche di cui il Grande Puffo ha bisogno per la sua formula dell'invisibilità.
Smurf - S01E05 - The Magical Meanie (Aired: 1981-09-19)
Brainy and Clumsy discover a badly behaving genie who's only nice when somebody says the magic words "pumpernickel pickle".
Smurf - S01E06 - Sorceror Smurf (Aired: 1981-09-19)
Gargamel disguises himself as a long-lost Sorceror Smurf.
Smurf - S01E07 - Bewitched, Bothered, And Besmurfed (Aired: 1981-09-26)
Hogatha's amulet causes some of Smurfette's wishes to come true when she wears it.
Smurf - S01E08 - King Smurf (Aired: 1981-09-26)
Brainy becomes king of the village and starts a civil war when Papa Smurf's gone.
Smurf - S01E09 - The Smurfs And The Howlibird (Aired: 1981-09-26)
L'uso incurante di una formula magica pericolosa muta un piccolo uccello in un stridente predatore volante.
Smurf - S01E10 - Soup A La Smurf (Aired: 1981-10-03)
Bigmouth's soup becomes unappetizing when Papa Smurf puts a formula in it that disfigures the hungry ogre.
Smurf - S01E11 - All That Glitters Isn't Smurf (Aired: 1981-10-03)
Every Smurf mistakenly believes that Papa Smurf lost his magic touch.
Smurf - S01E12 - Dreamy's Nightmare (Aired: 1981-10-03)
Dreamy's trip around the world is cut short when Gargamel captures him
Smurf - S01E13 - Romeo And Smurfette (Aired: 1981-10-10)
Hefty and Handy, not to mention everyone else, compete for the amourous attention of Smurfette.
Smurf - S01E14 - The Magic Egg (Aired: 1981-10-10)
A magic egg that grants every Smurf their fondest wishes creates chaos.
Smurf - S01E15 - Smurphony In 'C' (Aired: 1981-10-10)
Harmony discovers a magical horn that puts its listeners into an eternal sleep.
Smurf - S01E16 - Sideshow Smurfs (Aired: 1981-10-17)
The Smurfs enter a human village to rescue Smurfette and Clumsy from a mean showmaster.
Smurf - S01E17 - Supersmurf (Aired: 1981-10-17)
Brainy tries using brute force instead of brains to retrieve his village's stolen food supply from Bigmouth.
Smurf - S01E18 - Paradise Smurfed (Aired: 1981-10-17)
Lazy dreams of discovering a hidden paradise that hides a nightmare.
Smurf - S01E19 - Sir Hefty (Aired: 1981-10-24)
Hefty becomes a knight to slay a dragon that's been setting fire to the village.
Smurf - S01E20 - The Baby Smurf (Aired: 1981-10-24)
Gargamel transforms himself into an blue infant to destroy the village from within.
Smurf - S01E21 - The Fake Smurf (Aired: 1981-10-24)
Hogatha's impersonation of a Smurf backfires when she loses her tail.
Smurf - S01E22 - Painter And Poet (Aired: 1981-10-31)
Two creative Smurfs take their unappreciated talents with them when they flee to a deserted island.
Smurf - S01E23 - Haunted Smurf (Aired: 1981-10-31)
Something is haunting a castle that the Smurfs discover when they leave the village in search for food.
Smurf - S01E24 - The Purple Smurfs (Aired: 1981-10-31)
A purple fly bites Lazy, causing a tail-biting purple epidemic.
Smurf - S01E25 - The Fountain Of Smurf (Aired: 1981-11-07)
Papa Smurf becomes a Smurfling, and the Smurfs must find a way to restore him to normal with the help of Gargamel.
Smurf - S01E26 - The Magnifying Mixture (Aired: 1981-11-07)
Brainy accidentally turns Hefty into a giant, who brings an even bigger problem into the village.
Smurf - S01E27 - Foul Weather Smurf (Aired: 1981-11-07)
Handy's weather-controlling machine creates chaos in the climate.
Smurf - S01E28 - The Hundredth Smurf (Aired: 1981-11-14)
Vanity's mirror reflection comes to life and does the opposite of what Vanity does.
Smurf - S01E29 - The Abominable Snowbeast (Aired: 1981-11-14)
The Smurfs encounter a snow creature that turns out to be friendly with Smurfette.
Smurf - S01E30 - Gargamel, The Generous (Aired: 1981-11-14)
An accidental discovery of diamonds by Clumsy attracts Gargamel's attention.
Smurf - S01E31 - The Smurfette (Aired: 1981-11-21)
Gargamel creates Smurfette as a pawn to destroy the Smurfs, and Papa Smurf changes her into a real Smurf to foil Gargamel's plan.
Smurf - S01E32 - Now You Smurf 'Em, Now You Don't (Aired: 1981-11-21)
Underground trolls use a crystal ball that lets Smurfs see their fondest wishes in order to kidnap whoever touches it.
Smurf - S01E33 - Spelunking Smurfs (Aired: 1981-11-21)
I Puffi scoprono una grotta con cibi congelati e surgelati di un orco di guardia.The Smurfs discover a cave with frozen food and a frozen ogre guarding it.
Smurf - S01E34 - The Smurfs' Apprentice (Aired: 1981-11-28)
Clumsy turns himself into a dragon, and the Smurfs must help him return to normal.
Smurf - S01E35 - Smurf-Colored Glasses (Aired: 1981-11-28)
Handy's magical glasses trick Smurfette into seeing Gargamel as handsome.
Smurf - S01E36 - The Clockwork Smurf (Aired: 1981-11-28)
Handy's mechanical Smurf becomes a hero when he rescues Prince Gerard from his evil aunt.
Smurf - S01E37 - Fuzzle Trouble (Aired: 1981-12-05)
A furry little creature becomes a multiplying menace.
Smurf - S01E38 - Smurfette's Dancing Shoes (Aired: 1981-12-05)
The Smurfs split up to retrieve three treasures in order to rescue Smurfette from a forced marriage to a greedy troll.
Smurf - S01E39 - The Smurfs And The Money Tree (Aired: 1981-12-05)
Gargamel's mother tests Greedy's avarice by planting a golden goodie tree outside his house.



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