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Squidbillies TV series, shows/cartoon,anime,magma/Documentaries - MobileTVshows
Squidbillies (in cartoon)
Squidbillies is an animated television series about a family of anthropomorphic hillbilly squids, The Cuyler family, who live in poverty in the Appalachian region of North Georgia's mountains.
Last Updated: 25 Aug, 2012

Season 3 - Episodes
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Squidbillies - S03E01 - Webnecks (AVI) (Aired: 2008-01-20)
Rusty discovers a world of digital wonder when he mashes buttons on a PDA given to him by the Sheriff.
Squidbillies - S03E02 - Beast Implants (AVI) (Aired: 2008-01-27)
Granny gets 5th degree burns all over her body and has to get new skin.
Squidbillies - S03E03 - Tween Stream (AVI) (Aired: 2008-02-03)
Dan Halen hires Rusty to attract pedophiles for a television show, making him a celebrity.
Squidbillies - S03E04 - Wing Nut (AVI) (Aired: 2008-02-10)
Dan Halen decides to create genetically modified chickens for his restaurant.
Squidbillies - S03E05 - Mephistopheles Traveled Below to a Southern State Whose Motto Is (AVI) (Aired: 2008-02-17)
Rusty sells his soul to the devil for guitar playing skills. Full episode name: Mephistopheles Traveled Below to a Southern State Whose Motto Is "Wisdom, Justice, & Moderation"
Squidbillies - S03E06 - Earth Worst (AVI) (Aired: 2008-02-24)
After giant machines terrorize the land, dirty hippies show up to stop the "earth raping machines" with their good vibes, hacky sacks, and drum circles.
Squidbillies - S03E07 - The Good One (AVI) (Aired: 2008-03-02)
Because of Lil's failure to use condoms, the Cuyler family is faced with a large number of children, which Early attempts to euthanize until he becomes attached to one of them.
Squidbillies - S03E08 - Sharif (AVI) (Aired: 2008-03-09)
Dan Halen covers the town in a cloud of "Ice Wind", his new body spray. Meanwhile, the Sheriff takes up blogging and training for strongman competitions.
Squidbillies - S03E09 - Condition: Demolition! (AVI) (Aired: 2008-03-16)
Rusty discovers the joy of crashing cars, and agrees to face the "Bashitizing Smashmaster" for a chance to win an iPod.
Squidbillies - S03E10 - The Appalachain Mud Squid: Darwin's Dilemma (AVI) (Aired: 2008-03-23)
After the Sheriff learns from TV that the mud squid are an endangered species, he decides it's his sworn duty to protect the Cuyler family.
Squidbillies - S03E11 - The Unbearable Heatness of Fire (AVI) (Aired: 2008-04-06)
After the squids' house catches on fire, the Sheriff assesses the damage and investigates the fire's origin.
Squidbillies - S03E12 - Tuscaloosa Dumpling (AVI) (Aired: 2008-04-13)
Rusty is put through a number of trails to prove that he is now a man, and is, in fact, ready for the tradition of going down to the Jiggle Hut and letting Trixie give him a "Tuscaloosa Dumpling".
Squidbillies - S03E13 - Armageddon it On! (AVI) (Aired: 2008-04-20)
The apocalypse comes to rural Georgia.
Squidbillies - S03E14 - Gimmicky Magazine Show Spoof Parody About Dan Halen (AVI) (Aired: 2008-04-27)
A news magazine interviews and profiles the achievements and scandals of Dan Halen.
Squidbillies - S03E15 - Flight of the Deep Fried Pine Booby (AVI) (Aired: 2008-05-04)
When Dan Halen offers a reward for the rare 'deep fried pine booby', Early goes on the hunt.
Squidbillies - S03E16 - An Officer and a Dental Dam (AVI) (Aired: 2008-05-11)
After Granny passes on, the only way to revive her is for Robert E. Lee to make sweet love to her.
Squidbillies - S03E17 - The Okaleechee Dam Jam (AVI) (Aired: 2008-05-18)
When Palooka County is forced to conserve water due to a drought, Dan Halen enacts a complicated plan to get all the water he needs.
Squidbillies - S03E18 - Pile M For Murder (AVI) (Aired: 2008-05-25)
Dan Halen is possessed by a demon and builds a human sacrifice theme park mountain. Meanwhile, the Cuylers are facing their own troubles, doing all they can to overcome every obstacle stopping them from going 'muddin'.
Squidbillies - S03E19 - Mud Days and Cornfused (AVI) (Aired: 2008-06-01)
During the annual 'Mud Days' celebration, Dan Halen unleashes a strain of genetically modified corn that forces people to 'go green'.
Squidbillies - S03E20 - Krystal, Light (AVI) (Aired: 2008-06-08)
Krystal wins the lottery and has an "esophageal bypass" to lose weight. With the news of someone in the county having a new fortune, Dan Halen can't help but try to take it from her with romantic moves.


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