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The Backyardigans (in cartoon)
The Backyardigans is a Canadian-American 3-D CGI-animated[1] children's TV series, created by Janice Burgess. It features 5 animal children, who imagine that their backyard becomes an adventure place. It is a co production of Treehouse TV, and the Canadian animation studio Nelvana. Debuting on November 22, 2004, it was originally directed by Robert Scull. Dave Palmer began directing the show in the middle of Season 01, and has directed all episodes since. It aired on CBS from October 2004 until September 2006. Music for the show is written by Evan Lurie, of The Lounge Lizards, and Douglas Wieselman. The characters were designed by children's book author and illustrator Dan Yaccarino. On April 30, 2006, Nelvana and Nickelodeon jointly announced that twenty new episodes were ordered for the upcoming fall schedule.[2] In the UK, the second season debuted on October 30, 2006. The third season was released in Canada in March 2008, and the series made its Australian debut in the same year. A fourth season has been produced and is currently being released in Canada as of February 22, 2010. Four DVDs from this series were released on October 13, 2009 (Robot Repairman), January 5, 2010 (Join the Adventurers Club), March 30 (Escape From the Tower and July 14, 2010 (Operation Elephant Drop)
Last Updated: 22 Sep, 2010

Season 2 - Episodes
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The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans - S02E01 - Mission to Mars (AVI) (Aired: 2006-10-09)
When the Backyardigans receive a strange signal originating from Mars, Uniqua, Pablo and Austin blast off to investigate. They're backed up by Tyrone and Tasha, who remain on Earth to assist at Mission Control. The Backyardigans leave prepared for anything, but encounter some surprises along the way. They don't give up, however, and eventually make a surprising discovery regarding the source of the signal.
The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans - S02E02 - Samurai Pie (AVI) (Aired: 2006-10-16)
Pie makers Tyrone and Austin must make a pie for Empress Tasha, while protecting it from Ninjas Uniqua and Pablo.
The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans - S02E03 - Whodunit? (AVI) (Aired: 2006-10-17)
Detective Pablo is on the case at Mystery Manor to discover who shole Tasha's jewels. Tyrone, Austin and Uniqua are all suspects!
The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans - S02E04 - The Legend of the Volcano Sisters (AVI) (Aired: 2006-10-18)
In order to stop the volcano from ruining their luau, the Luau Brothers (Austin, Pablo and Tyrone) must give the Volcano Sisters (Tasha and Uniqua) a special gift.
The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans - S02E05 - Swamp Creature (AVI) (Aired: 2006-10-19)
Uniqua and Pablo are Swamp Tour Guides who promise to show tourists Austin and Tasha the Swamp Creature. Little do they know there is a real Swamp Creature, Tyrone.
The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans - S02E06 - Scared of You (AVI) (Aired: 2006-10-23)
Mad Scientist Tasha sends Austin to bring three monsters back to her laboratory. They are looking for Vampire Pablo, Mummy Tyrone, and Werewolf Uniqua.
The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans - S02E07 - The Secret of Snow (AVI) (Aired: 2006-12-15)
Uniqua set off in search for the Ice Lady, Tasha, because there is no snow yet. Along the way she gets help from Cowboy Pablo, Tarzan Tyrone, and Austin, the Ice Lady's assistant.
The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans - S02E08 - Special Delivery (AVI) (Aired: 2007-02-14)
Tyrone, a mailman, becomes scared by the "Do Gooders," a motorcycle gang formed by Tasha, Uniqua and Pablo. While Tyrone believes they want to steal his mail, the gang is trying to make deliveries of their own.
The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans - S02E09 - Horsing Around (AVI) (Aired: 2007-03-19)
Uniqua and Pablo are a cowgirl and a jockey. When they argue about who is a faster rider, they decide to settle the matter with a race to the end of the Mississippi River, with Austin serving as the announcer. To their surprise, Tyrone enters the race on a tired, old-looking donkey named Burro. As the race progresses, the two make a quick dash for the finish, but Tyrone and his donkey gain ground as the two continuously stop to argue who is better.
The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans - S02E10 - Movers of Arabia (AVI) (Aired: 2007-03-20)
Uniqua and Pablo must move the Sultan's magical treasures from a cave in the desert to his new royal palace.
The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans - S02E11 - Cops and Robots (AVI) (Aired: 2007-03-21)
Tasha and Pablo are a couple of bad robots who are out to destroy all of the worlds good robots and reprogram them to become bad.
The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans - S02E12 - Save The Day (AVI) (Aired: 2007-03-22)
Tasha is a fisherlady who has a knack for navigating into dangerous areas of the ocean. Pablo, Tyrone and Uniqua are part of a rescue squad, determined to save her. Tasha, on the other hand, is determined to catch a whopper and tries to rebuff their efforts to help.
The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans - S02E13 - Sinbad Sails Alone (AVI) (Aired: 2007-03-31)
Sinbad (Tyrone) is sailing to find the end of the rainbow. Pablo, a young, inexperienced sailor (and a huge fan of Sinbad), sneaks aboard to help him. When Sinbad discovers this, he is upset, as he has always sailed alone and doesn't feel he need any help. Indeed, at first, Pablo seems like only a bother, causing the loss of ship's supplies, forcing them to take detours where they must play games to earn new supplies. Pablo, however, refuses to be daunted and searches for a way that he can help his idol.
The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans - S02E14 - Into the Deep (AVI) (Aired: 2007-06-27)
Pablo and Tyrone are deep sea explorers who are looking for a mermaid to take pictures of. They find two, Tasha and Uniqua, who think they are being invaded and are going to be captured.
The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans - S02E15 - International Super Spy (AVI) (Aired: 2007-09-17)
Miss T (Tasha), who is the head of the International Super Spy agency, orders Agent Secret (Pablo) to stop the villainous Lady in Pink (Uniqua) from stealing three top-secret containers. With the help of his undercover contact Austin, Agent Secret travels around the world to a exotic locations in London, Switzerland, Miami and the Caribbean to collect the three containers before the Lady in Pink and her evil henchman Tyrone, get a chance to steal them.
The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans - S02E16 - Best Clowns In Town (AVI) (Aired: 2007-09-20)
Uniqua, Pablo and Austin are a clown team who have to help Tyrone, the clown-hating ringmaster catch his train. If they don't, the circus at Big City can't start!
The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans - S02E17 - Tale of the Mighty Knights (AVI) (Aired: 2008-01-14)
Uniqua and Tyrone are royal knights who are protecting King Pablo's egg. Grabbing Goblin Austin in Goblin Land and the Fairy Tasha want the egg for themselves. They follow King Pablo's egg to Dragon Mountain to retrieve it.
The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans - S02E18 - Catch That Butterfly (AVI) (Aired: 2008-01-16)
Professor Pablo is bound and determined to find the rarest specimen, the gilded butterfly. While he is out searching for it, he believes he stumbles upon it, and hires rugged stagecoach drivers Tyrone and Uniqua to help hunt in down in the Old West.
The Backyardigans
(Teasers/Bloopers/Extras) The Backyardigans - S02E00 - Samurai Pie (AVI) (Aired: 16 Oct. 2006)
Samurai Pie Maker Tyrone must train apprentice Austin to make the Great Pie for Empress Tasha, while fending off a raid from pie stealing Ninjas Uniqua and Pablo.


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