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The Good Guys (in TV)
The Good Guys is an American comedy-drama series about an old-school cop and a modern-day detective that premiered with a preview episode on Fox on May 19, 2010, and will resume on June 7.[3] The series stars Bradley Whitford as Dan Stark, a former big-shot detective with the Dallas Police Department, and Colin Hanks as Jack Bailey, a young, ambitious, by-the-book detective who has been assigned as Dan's partner because of his snarky attitude
Last Updated: 6 Jan, 2011

Season 1 - Episodes
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The Good Guys
The Good Guys - S01E01 - Keep the Home Fires Burning (Aired: 1968-09-25)
Rufus and Bert attempt to revive the career of an insurance salesman. A good guy and his pal want to help the other fellow and the series begins as the two get burned trying to aid a hapless insurance agent. Just as Rufus and Bert think they are on the way to riches with a new charcoal barbecue, fire breaks out in Bert's diner
The Good Guys
The Good Guys - S01E02 - Pie in the Sky (Aired: 1968-10-02)
Rufus persuades Bert to advertise his restaurant on TV. This is about a television commercial for Ben's Diner. The boys decide not to hire professional actors since the trend today is for the natural sound of how people talk to each other. Rufus and Bert decide to hirer a company to produce a commercial for Bert's Place in hopes to make more money for the diner.
The Good Guys
The Good Guys - S01E03 - Let 'Em Eat Rolls (Aired: 1968-10-09)
Bert is talking to Claudia about not getting into schemes anymore. She does not want him thinking about Rufus. She leaves and Rufus enters. He comes in with a man named Horatio Hollander. He was riding in Rufus' cab and Rufus did not want to leave him alone because he was depressed. Horatio is a singer and is looking for his big break. Horatio leaves Bert's Place. Rufus wants to make a milk shake. Bert tells Rufus to do everything he does when making it. Rufus does fine until the last part of making the milk shake and he makes a mess. Claudia's old boyfriend from school Arnold Schreck comes into Bert's Place because the refrigerator in his Limo broke down. Bert sees that he is coming so he tells Rufus to go behind the counter and work. Bert says to Arnold that he is the owner of many restaurants. He asks for a sandwich and Rufus makes a tuna fish sandwich with ketchup on the inside and mustard on the outside. While this is going on Bert finds out that Arnold is a producer for a record
The Good Guys
The Good Guys - S01E04 - A Man For Off-Season (Aired: 1968-10-16)
Bert gets fed up with Rufus so he decides to spend some time in a cabin only for Rufus to end up there.
The Good Guys
The Good Guys - S01E05 - Bert's Rufus-In-Law (Aired: 1968-10-30)
Bert meddles in Rufus' love life. Rufus and Bert part company when Rufus falls in love with a pretty waitress and Bert tries to break up the romance.
The Good Guys
The Good Guys - S01E06 - Is This Trip Necessary? (Aired: 1968-11-06)
Rufus is hurt outside the diner; he sues Bert for medical expenses. When Rufus is hurt in a fall outside Bert's diner, he lands in the hospital where pretty nurses tend him and Bert has to pay the bills.
The Good Guys
The Good Guys - S01E07 - Nostradamus Rides Again (Aired: 1968-11-14)
Rufus can predict the future. Rufus foretells the future about a disaster in Bert's diner.
The Good Guys
The Good Guys - S01E08 - Credit Won't Buy You Happiness (Aired: 1968-11-21)
Rufus asks Bert if he can use his credit card. Bert loans the credit card to him. When Bert needs it Rufus tells him that he has lost the credit card.
The Good Guys
The Good Guys - S01E09 - A View from the Terraza (aka Let's Hear It for the Old Man) (Aired: 1968-12-05)
To compete with a new nearby restaurant, Bert has a patio built outside his diner. An elderly workman offers to do odd jobs around the diner. He fixes things he broke.
The Good Guys
The Good Guys - S01E10 - Guess Who's Comming to Poker (Aired: 1968-12-12)
Bert is sad when none of the guys who join him for a regular poker playing sessions want Rufus joining in.
The Good Guys
The Good Guys - S01E11 - Sake To Me (Aired: 1969-01-16)
Bert and Rufus stir up trouble when they realize that the pancakes they are making for the diner have wine as an ingredient. Rufus and Bert anticipate untold riches when they unearth their Army mess sergeant's exotic pancake recipe. What they get is loaded, as they try to add just enough of the key ingredient - sake!
The Good Guys
The Good Guys - S01E12 - Ouzo Annie (Aired: 1969-01-23)
Bert and Rufus arrange to have the diner franchised by a national restaurant chain. A handyman pretends to own the diner to impress his mother.
The Good Guys
The Good Guys - S01E13 - Take A Computer To Lunch (Aired: 1969-01-30)
Rufus who is sick of love decides to try the modern technology and be entered in a computer dating service. Rufus and Bert all all excited about it. When the results from the machine comes back it turns out that Rufus' sole mate is Claudia. Bert does not know this and Rufus does not want to tell him.
The Good Guys
The Good Guys - S01E14 - They Eat by Night (Aired: 1969-02-05)
Claudia poses as a waitress named Fritzi.
The Good Guys
The Good Guys - S01E15 - Wanted: An Honest Thief (Aired: 1969-02-12)
Rufus and Bert hire someone to run the cafe at night, unaware that he is a felon.
The Good Guys
The Good Guys - S01E16 - The Importance Of Being Hairy (Aired: 1969-02-19)
A toupee can be cause for a good deal of embarrassment and also a few laughs. Rufus has decided the hairpiece will be a perfect present for Bert and he goes daft trying to get the proper measurement. But that's only the beginning of the struggle. Getting Bert to put it on really takes some work.
The Good Guys
The Good Guys - S01E17 - The Courtship Of Miles Butterworth (Aired: 1969-02-26)
Bert and Rufus' truck driver friend Big Tom announces he will be getting married to Gertie Zabisco. Big Tom has a bad habit of getting drunk and Gertie's brother knows this. He tells Rufus that if Big Tom does not show up he will be beaten up. Big Tom gets drunk and does not want to go to his wedding. Steve is ready to hurt Rufus.
The Good Guys
The Good Guys - S01E19 - Win, Place And Kill (Aired: 1969-03-12)
Rufus and Bert are frantic again tonight for the best of reasons. They have $50,000 in stolen money and are playing hosts to a few Mafia types from whom the loot has been heisted. The thief is a bookie who left his "take" in the diner before taking off for safer territory when he learned the hoods were on his trail. The hoods don't know the boys have the money, so they decide to camp at the diner until their quarry returns.
The Good Guys
The Good Guys - S01E20 - Father Knows Nothing (Aired: 1969-03-19)
Jim Backus guest-stars as Claudia's rich father who comes to visit and is appalled to find her working in the diner.


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