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The Sarah Jane Adventures (in TV)
The Sarah Jane Adventures is a British science fiction television series, produced by BBC Cymru Wales for CBBC, created by Russell T Davies and starring Elisabeth Sladen. The programme is a spin-off of the long-running BBC science fiction programme Doctor Who and focuses on the adventures of investigative journalist and former companion of The Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith. The series debuted on BBC One with a 60-minute special, entitled "Invasion of the Bane", on 1 January 2007. A full series of ten 25-minute episodes followed, beginning on 24 September 2007.[3] The first series consisted of five two-part stories,[4] and a second series, comprising six two-part stories, began airing on 29 September 2008.[5][6] A third series, once again comprising of six two-part stories to make a total of twelve episodes, executively produced by Russell T Davies, started airing on 15 October 2009[7] and finished on 20 November 2009. The fourth series began airing on 11 October 2010 [8] and fifth series has been confirmed by the BBC, which is scheduled to air in 2011.[9] The Sarah Jane Adventures was nominated for a British Academy Children's Award in 2008 in the Drama category, and once again in 2009 for a BAFTA Cymru, in Children's Drama
Last Updated: 17 Feb, 2012

Season 4 - Episodes
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Sarah Jane Adventures
Sarah Jane Adventures - S04E01 - The Nightmare Man (1) (Aired: 2010-10-11)
When Luke has his first nightmare, he's haunted by a dark figure from his dreams. A strange entity is reaching out to our world, with terrible consequences for the whole human race. Luke faces life-changing events, and Bannerman Road will never be the same again.
Sarah Jane Adventures
Sarah Jane Adventures - S04E02 - The Nightmare Man (2) (Aired: 2010-10-12)
With Luke, Clyde and Rani trapped in a bizarre dreamscape, Sarah Jane must fight alone. As the Nightmare Man grows stronger, only K-9 might hold the key. But can Luke summon the courage to face his adult life before the whole world is trapped in an endless nightmare?
Sarah Jane Adventures
Sarah Jane Adventures - S04E03 - The Vault of Secrets (1) (Aired: 2010-10-18)
Androvax the Veil returns to Earth and asks for the gangs help, but how can they trust him? Or is the threat posed by the Vault of Secrets great enough to overcome old enmities. And when the android guardians threaten destruction, is there really any other choice?
Sarah Jane Adventures
Sarah Jane Adventures - S04E05 - Death of the Doctor (1) (Aired: 2010-10-25)
Old Companions Sarah Jane Smith and Jo Grant meet for the first time to discover the truth when the Doctor is declared dead. An interstellar conspiracy gathers around UNIT Head Quarters as Clyde finds that he holds the fate of the Time Lord in his hand.
Sarah Jane Adventures
Sarah Jane Adventures - S04E06 - Death of the Doctor (2) (Aired: 2010-10-26)
Old friends fight together - but is it too late to stop the sinister Shansheeth?
Sarah Jane Adventures
Sarah Jane Adventures - S04E07 - The Empty Planet (1) (Aired: 2010-11-01)
Clyde and Rani awake to find they are the only humans on Earth, even Sarah Jane Smith has vanished. But the Earth is not deserted, stalking the streets of London, strange forces gather.
Sarah Jane Adventures
Sarah Jane Adventures - S04E08 - The Empty Planet (2) (Aired: 2010-11-02)
Clyde and Rani only just manage to escape from the robots. Regrouping with Gavin in a cafe, Clyde deduces that he and Rani were left behind after the robots abducted everyone else because of the two of them having been 'grounded' by the Judoon, although this fails to explain Gavin's continued presence. When Gavin runs off again, Rani and Clyde are confronted by the robots, who explain that they want the 'son and heir' (Although Clyde initially assumes that they want Earth's sun and air); Gavin's father - who he mentioned left his mother when he was young - was an alien prince, and with his father's recent death Gavin is the only viable heir to the throne. Tracking Gavin down, Clyde and Rani explain the situation to him, convincing him to remove a ring that his father gave his mother to give to him; the ring acted as a bio-damper that prevented anyone from detecting his alien heritage. With the ring removed, the robots can sense him, and he agrees to accompany them back to his father's world, his last actions on Earth being to name Clyde and Rani a Lord and Lady of his people. With Earth's population returned - having been sent to a 'warp shunt' while the robots searched - Sarah and Mr Smith create the necessary records to state that Gavin has moved to Australia, Sarah praising Clyde and Rani's accomplishments even when they were alone.
Sarah Jane Adventures
Sarah Jane Adventures - S04E09 - Lost in Time (1) (Aired: 2010-11-08)
A harmless investigation turns into an epic quest across time and space.
Sarah Jane Adventures
Sarah Jane Adventures - S04E10 - Lost in Time (2) (Aired: 2010-11-09)
Sarah Jane, Clyde and Rani fight across the centuries to be reunited.
Sarah Jane Adventures
Sarah Jane Adventures - S04E11 - Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith (1) (Aired: 2010-11-15)
No one can defend the earth forever, but who could ever replace Sarah Jane?


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