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Traffic Light TV series, shows/cartoon,anime,magma/Documentaries - MobileTVshows
Traffic Light (in TV)
Traffic Light revolves around three best friends since college, Mike, Adam, and Ethan, who are now in their thirties. Each man finds himself in a different stage of life. Ethan is perpetually single, while Adam just moved in with his girlfriend, and Mike is married and has a son. The series follows the group as they try to balance their friendship with the different demands in each of their romantic relationships. The series is set in Chicago and filmed in Los Angeles.
Last Updated: 3 Jun, 2011

Season 1 - Episodes
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Traffic Light
Traffic Light - S01E02 - En Fuego (Aired: 2011-02-15)
Mike and Ethan learn that Adam has been hanging onto “CJ,” a stuffed animal he won for Callie at a carnival when they were first dating – and a sort of “go-to” move that Adam has used in the past to win over the ladies. When the guys get rid of CJ, Callie becomes noticeably upset over the missing toy, so Adam tries to win a replica to replace Callie’s before she figures out what happened to it. Meanwhile, Lisa’s company hosts a charity tennis tournament, and she teams up with Ethan’s former flame to form the “Smash Sisters.” But their plans for intimidation on the court take a turn when Ethan reunites with his ex-girlfriend.
Traffic Light
Traffic Light - S01E03 - All The Precedent's Men (Aired: 2011-02-22)
When Lisa encourages Mike to meet with a young female colleague seeking professional advice, Mike hesitates but soon discovers that she is attractive, sports-savvy and able to hang with the guys. After meetings between Mike and his new friend become more frequent, Lisa is prompted to join them, and she and Mike are surprised by her unique proposition. Meanwhile, morning commutes become less solitary for Adam when Callie starts calling him on the way to work, and Ethan attempts to eliminate indications that his relationship with a new girl is becoming serious.
Traffic Light
Traffic Light - S01E04 - Credit Balance (Aired: 2011-03-02)
When free-spirited Callie admits to her frugal boyfriend Adam that she is in major debt and then goes to extreme measures to secure a royal interview for him, Adam worries that the differences in their approach to finances might be too much for their relationship to handle. Meanwhile, while taking care of Tommy in the mornings for Lisa, Mike is surprised by how much he enjoys the morning coffee dates with the other neighborhood moms, who welcome him immediately into their tight-knit group, and Ethan finds it difficult to break up with a girl after she makes a bold move
Traffic Light
Traffic Light - S01E05 - Breaking Bread (Aired: 2011-03-08)
Callie finds a lost puppy from an elderly neighbor, but Adam takes the credit for rescuing the puppy and the neighbor shows her appreciation to Adam too generously. Meanwhile, Lisa complains about the noise from their neighbor and Mike planned to confront him and ensure peace and quiet but everything takes an unexpected turn. While Ethan's girlfriend wants to meet his wise next-door neighbor face-to-face.
Traffic Light
Traffic Light - S01E06 - No Good Deed (Aired: 2011-03-15)
When Adam accidentally gets Callie's car stolen, he tries to make it up to her by replacing the old car with a brand-new hybrid. In an effort to surprise Callie with a brand-new car, Adam enlists the help of Mike and Ethan to get the best deal on the car, but the hunt for the best bargain turns into a competition. Meanwhile, Mike's grown-up "little brother" from a mentor program he used to volunteer for visits Mike and Lisa and surprises them both with an unexpected book dedication, and Ethan befriends a loner car salesman
Traffic Light
Traffic Light - S01E07 - Stealth Bomber (Aired: 2011-03-22)
Mike is bummed to learn Lisa's pay raise makes her the top wage earner in the family, so he lobbies his boss for just enough of a salary bump to restore him to No. 1. Meanwhile, Callie's sexually charged sister proves to be more than Ethan can handle; and Adam finally decides to deal with his bathroom phobia.
Traffic Light
Traffic Light - S01E09 - Best Man (Aired: 2011-04-12)
Adam tries to atone for ruining Mike's bachelor party years ago by throwing him a second one, which gets out of hand. Meanwhile, Lisa is uncomfortable about having to go on an out-of-town project with a male coworker, so she asks Callie to come along.
Traffic Light
Traffic Light - S01E10 - Bonebag (Aired: 2011-04-19)
Adam and Callie's opportunity to babysit Tommy doesn't go according to plan, while Mike and Lisa's romantic weekend getaway gets out of hand when Mike has a problem with his masseuse. As for Ethan, he's got yet another new woman in his life, and she seems perfect---almost.
Traffic Light
Traffic Light - S01E12 - Tommy Guns (Aired: 2011-05-10)
Mike and the guys try to get close to nature.
Traffic Light
Traffic Light - S01E13 - Help Wanted (Aired: 2011-05-31)
Mike and Lisa hire a hot young babysitter for Tommy, but the skimpily clad teen brings more teen angst to the household than the Rileys can handle. Meanwhile, when a disabled food-delivery guy accidentally intrudes upon Callie's naked dance party, Adam finally confronts her about her habits in the apartment. But when they find out the delivery guy is also a computer whiz and decide to hire him, Adam learns a lesson in indecent exposure the hard way. Also, Mike and Adam try to convince Ethan to get rid of his hideous necklace, but he finds comfort in a new fling who does not see the necklace the same way.



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