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Vanderpump Rules TV series, shows/cartoon,anime,magma/Documentaries - MobileTVshows
Vanderpump Rules (in TV)
The series follows Lisa Vanderpump as she divides her time between her motherly duties and hectic business. It also encompasses the employees at SUR as they work on building their futures
Last Updated: 17 Jun, 2020

Season 3 - Episodes
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Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E01 - Instafight (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-11-03)
In the Season 3 premiere, Lisa Vanderpump still rules over everything at SUR, but no longer rules over Stassi, who returns from New York to find everything has changed between her and her former friends. Meanwhile, Jax prepares for plastic surgery, Scheana plans her perfect birthday party, and Tom Sandoval sparks a romance with Ariana, but all happiness is jeopardized when Kristen digs up a secret that will rock everyone.
Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E02 - All Fired Up (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-11-10)
On the eve of her largest restaurant opening yet, Lisa must dole out harsh punishments to the SUR staff for their appalling behavior at Scheana's birthday party. Jax tries to do the right thing by choosing between his two girlfriends, but finds honesty has its downfalls. Stassi coaches Tom Schwartz on how to charm Lisa into giving him a fair shot at his new job at PUMP.
Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E03 - Grand Opening and Closure (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-11-17)
After going over the budget and past schedule, Lisa struggles to make the grand opening of PUMP a huge success. Stassi confronts Scheana over her mean-spirited tweets, but Scheana maintains she only retweeted what someone else already said. Kristen seeks closure with Tom Sandoval, but watching Ariana take her place triggers her innermost feelings for her ex-boyfriend.
Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E04 - Jax Nose Best (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-11-24)
Stassi, Scheana, and Kristen face-off at a party, while Jax gets a nose job -- and learns who really cares about him.
Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E05 - In the Doghouse (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-12-01)
Kristen and Tom Sandoval return to SUR after their suspensions. Tom Schwartz adopts a puppy to delay marriage talks with Katie, but their relationship is tested when Jax spreads rumors that Katie cheated. And Lisa gives Stassi a special opportunity to style her for a cover photo shoot, which ends up with both women feeling underappreciated by the other.
Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E06 - Kiss and Tell (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-12-08)
Kristen reveals that Tom Schwartz may be cheating on Katie. Katie interrogates the SUR staff about Schwartz's infidelity and discovers they know more than expected. Lisa hosts the "50 Gay Mayors" event at PUMP.
Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E07 - New Girl, Old Grudges (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-12-15)
With Gay Pride coming up, Lisa hires a new hostess named Vail, who immediately catches the attention of Jax. Stassi slams Tom Schwartz for remaining friends with Jax, but Schwartz believes her anger is just a grudge against her ex-boyfriend. James feels the strain of Kristen's ongoing obsession with Tom and Ariana.
Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E08 - Mind the Jax (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-12-22)
Jax pursues new SUR hostess Vail, but gets caught up in a lie about his current girlfriend. James tries to clear the air with Tom Sandoval before Scheana's bachelorette party in Miami, but Kristen's lingering obsession is too much for them to overcome. Katie and Tom seek couples' therapy to save their relationship.
Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E09 - What Happens in San Diego (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-12-29)
Lisa advises Scheana to invite Stassi and Katie to her bachelorette party in Miami, but Stassi wants to boycott the celebration. Jax's girlfriend Tiffany hooks the guys up with a VIP weekend in San Diego; however, a night of drinking and debauchery leaves Tom Sandoval accusing Jax of going too far.
Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E10 - Bachelorette Beach Party (High MP4) (Aired: 2015-01-05)
The SUR crew puts aside their differences to celebrate Scheana’s bachelorette party in Miami with sun, sand and a lot of liquor. Jax pursues Vail, but Tom Sandoval calls him out for his lying, womanizing ways. When a PUMP manager quits, Lisa calls on the one person she knows can fill the important role: her daughter, Pandora.
Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E11 - Tears Over Miami (High MP4) (Aired: 2015-01-12)
Jax reunites with an old friend at Scheana’s Miami Beach bachelorette party, making the group wonder if Jax is hiding secrets about his sexual past. Tom Sandoval makes a tearful plea to Kristen to stop harassing Ariana, and Lisa confronts Stassi for cutting Katie out of her life.
Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E12 - A Stand Against Stassi (High MP4) (Aired: 2015-01-19)
When Stassi refuses to forgive Katie for attending Scheana's bachelorette party, Katie must either fight for her friendship or cut Stassi out of her life. Peter mistakes Vail's flirting for interest and asks her on a date that quickly turns awkward. Kristen connects with the girl Tom Sandoval allegedly cheated with in hopes of finally breaking up his relationship with Ariana.
Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E13 - Miami Vices (High MP4) (Aired: 2015-01-26)
Chaos erupts at SUR when dramas surround Kristen and Tom Sandoval. Scheana corners Kristen about her actions as Lisa springs into action to keep SUR running.
Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E14 - Judgement Day (High MP4) (Aired: 2015-02-02)
Lisa confronts Kristen about her disrespect for management and arrives at a final decision in regards to her future at SUR; Tom Schwartz makes a shocking revelation to Katie; Scheana debates whether to rescind Kristen's wedding invitation.
Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E15 - For Better or Worse (High MP4) (Aired: 2015-02-09)
Scheana's wedding arrives, but the big day spirals into a nightmare. Meanwhile, James faces Kristen's obsession with Tom Sandoval, and the value of marriage is debated.
Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E16 - Ring on a String (High MP4) (Aired: 2015-02-16)
Scheana breaks down as her plan for a perfect wedding falls apart; Kristen gets into a fight with James at the reception, fulfilling everyone's worst expectations; Tom Schwartz makes a bad situation worse with an apology gift.
Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E17 - Jax Cracks (High MP4) (Aired: 2015-02-23)
Jax struggles to stay loyal to Tom, but Stassi teaches Kristen how to make Jax reveal Tom’s alleged cheating. James apologizes to Kristen to salvage their relationship. Lisa teams up with Lance Bass to host a puppy adoption at PUMP.
Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E19 - Reunion (Part 1) (High MP4) (Aired: 2015-03-09)
Part 1 of 2. Lisa and the SUR staffers reunite. Here, Kristen reveals a shocking newfound friendship, Tom Sandoval defends a past fight, Jax discusses a rumored romance, and Stassi faces Jax for the first time in over a year. Andy Cohen hosts.
Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E20 - Reunion (Part 2) (High MP4) (Aired: 2015-03-16)
Conclusion. The cast members reunite. Here, they dish on their issues with Stassi; Tom Sandoval and Ariana face off against Kristen; Tom Schwartz sounds off about an ultimatum; and Stassi sheds light on a shattered friendship. Host: Andy Cohen.
Vanderpump Rules
Vanderpump Rules - S03E21 - Secrets Revealed (High MP4) (Aired: 2015-03-23)
Previously unseen footage from Season 3 is presented. Included: Katie attacks a meddling Jax; James corners Kristen about her past with Tom Sandoval; Peter gets assistance to score a date; and Lisa hires a restaurant consultant.


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