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Wolfblood (in TV)
Last Updated: 20 Oct, 2016

Season 3 - Episodes
Wolfblood - S03E01 - Ulterior Motives (High MP4) (Aired: 15 Sep. 2014)
Two months have passed and at a school careers fair Rhydian meets Dacia, who works for the Segolia Corporation. She, like many of its employees, is a wolfblood and tells Rhydian that the company arranged a safe passage to Canada for the Smiths. She would like him to work with her. At the opening of the three Ks 'Kafe' Dr Whitewood turns up, still looking for wolfbloods. Though nobody can help her she manages to drug Rhydian and lock him in her car. By the time Tom and Shannon arrive Dr Whitewood tells them that Dacia has freed Rhydian but the proviso is that the ...
Wolfblood - S03E02 - Alpha Material (High MP4) (Aired: 16 Sep. 2014)
When Jana gets shot, Rhydian has to choose life or death.
Wolfblood - S03E03 - With Friends Like These (High MP4) (Aired: 22 Sep. 2014)
Tom, Rhydian and feral wolf-blood Aran are foraging for food for Jana and are almost caught on Liam's father's farmland. They escape but Tom is identified so Shannon covers by saying that she was there with him on a date. None of their class-mates believe them so they have to act as a couple, devastating Harry, who is still fond of Shannon. Ultimately they stage a lover's tiff to help end the charade. Aran sets out to return to the wild and is followed by Ceri, who gets caught in a trap. Rhydian saves her but they are photographed by Liam who says that he will go to ...
Wolfblood - S03E04 - Wolfblood Is Thicker Than Water (High MP4) (Aired: 23 Sep. 2014)
Rhydian's father Gerwyn turns up, seeking forgiveness for abandoning him and his mother years earlier. Ceri is hostile but Rhydian wants him to stay. However Dacia recognizes him as a former Segolia employee who went on the run, having embezzled millions of pounds. Gerwyn however claims that he was framed and when Segolia's fearsome head of security wolf-blood Victoria Sweeney arrives with her heavies everybody, including Dacia, tends to believe him. The wolf-bloods unite to save him but he feels that his presence will endanger them all and he moves on, though at ...
Wolfblood - S03E05 - The Dark Ages (High MP4) (Aired: 29 Sep. 2014)
Tensions are running high as ancient Wolfblood relics are found; meanwhile Tom finds a kindred spirit in Kay.
Wolfblood - S03E06 - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (High MP4) (Aired: 30 Sep. 2014)
Tom is now dating Kay but he, Shannon and Rhydian are amazed when Jana strides into the school. Angry at seeing the relics being given to a museum and now without her pack she is about to turn into a lonely, savage morwal - or werewolf - at the next full moon. After she attacks Jimmi and throws food on the floor she is put in detention but before she can leave for the house she is locked in the school kitchen by Kay, who suspects she is dating Tom, and the vengeful Jimmi. Shannon and Tom arrive and Tom has to split with Kay so that he and Shannon can enter the kitchen...
Wolfblood - S03E07 - Wolves Amongst Us (High MP4) (Aired: 6 Oct. 2014)
Whilst Tom makes up with Kay, Shannon, along with Karen, goes for work experience at Segolia where she is thrilled to learn from Dr Whitewood that the company is looking for a cure for human illnesses using the wolf-blood gene and that they will sponsor her university entrance. She is unaware that Victoria was hoping she would bring Rhydian in order to extract his DNA. Rhydian and Jana play truant, seeking out a cave once used by wolf-bloods but little Ollie, in care with Rhydian, follows and the older boy gets in trouble at school. Nor is he pleased that Shannon went...
Wolfblood - S03E08 - Dark of the Rune (High MP4) (Aired: 7 Oct. 2014)
A comet is to pass overhead and Ceri warns Jana and Rhydian that it will lead to something bad happening. The rest of the school set up to view the comet though Rhydian is still annoyed with Shannon, despite Jana's efforts to intervene and when Dr Whitewood turns up with an expensive telescope donated by Segolia she has to stop him from destroying it. As the comet passes Jana and Rhydian both faint and are comatose and Shannon and Dr Whitewood work out that the comet is interfering with the wolf-bloods' connection to the moon. They reverse the situation and the couple...
Wolfblood - S03E09 - The Cure (High MP4) (Aired: 13 Oct. 2014)
Jana and Shannon, with a reluctant Tom, enter Segolia, where Jana's powers impress Sweeney and Shannon is amazed when a phial of serum containing Jana's DNAS cures project manager Kincaid's crippled leg. Separated from the others Tom is intrigued to see Sweeney interrogate a young prisoner about the Cerberus project - with which Rhydian's father Gerwyn was involved. Later he tells Rhydian, who asks Dacia's help in proving Gerwyn's innocence. Tom has also picked up a phial discarded by Sweeney and ingested its contents, giving him wolf-blood super powers.
Wolfblood - S03E10 - The Cult of Tom (High MP4) (Aired: 14 Oct. 2014)
Tom pulls dangerous stunts on the school roof, to the approval of the other pupils - except the concerned Jana, Shannon and Rhydian. When he collapses they approach Dr Whitewood and Alex Kincaid who tells them that whatever serum Tom took was tampered with by Sweeney and he intends to analyse it. Ceri revives Tom using wolf-blood methods but Sweeney has Dacia brought to her and demands to know what is going on.
Wolfblood - S03E11 - The Suspicions of Mr Jeffries (High MP4) (Aired: 20 Oct. 2014)
Intrigued by Tom's bizarre behaviour form teacher Mr Jeffries follows Tom and his friends to the Smith house and witnesses a stand-off between Jana, Ceri and Rhydian and Sweeney, the latter pursuing him. She catches him but he is rescued by Rhydian, who has transformed himself into a wolf. The group are anxious lest the teacher should expose the secret of Jana and Rhydian but he agrees to say nothing.
Wolfblood - S03E12 - Cerberus (High MP4) (Aired: 21 Oct. 2014)
Whilst Mr Jeffries confesses his bewilderment to Dr Whitewood Rhydian, still mistrustful of Dacia, goes to the woods with Jana and Ceri to meet his father. They are confronted by Sweeney and her men but Aran and Alric return to chase them off. Kincaid persuades the wolf-bloods that they are in danger from Sweeney and drives them to a safe house of which she knows nothing. Only Gerwyn stays behind and he meets up with Shannon, Tom, Mr Jeffries and pupil Liam, now in on the secret. Sweeney turns up with Dacia and explains that, however sinister her actions may have ...
Wolfblood - S03E13 - Moonrise (High MP4) (Aired: 27 Oct. 2014)
Rhydian wakes up from his drugged state to find that Kincaid has caged him and the other wolf-bloods. Having framed Gerwyn for the fraud his aim is to turn all the pack into humans as he hates wolf-bloods, having been the only member of an otherwise wolf-blood family who regarded him as inferior. He has injected them all with a serum which will strip them of their wolf-blood powers at moon-rise. Dr Whitewood works out where he has taken his prisoners and the rescue party arrives to free them. Appreciating that there is a serum which can give humans wolf-blood powers ...
Wolfblood - S03E14 - Jana Bites (High MP4) (Aired: 28 Oct. 2014)
Months after leaving Stoneybridge, Jana is with her wild pack in the woods and has set up camp. Aran and Meinir, both Wild Wolfbloods, spot three humans setting up a tent near their territory and wish to get them away. Scared that the secret may be found out, Jana consults her pack and attempts to reassure them. Although they seem safe, two Wild Wolfblood children spot a human child who is camping with her parents and help her retrieve her ball from the tree. To keep stop the child from telling her parents, the Wolfblood tell her everything, the two children steal a ...

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