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Wolfblood (in TV)
Last Updated: 20 Oct, 2016

Season 4 - Episodes
Wolfblood - S04E01 - Captivity (High MP4) (Aired: 8 Mar. 2016)
Jana is now living in Newcastle and working for Segolia, an organization which supports Wolfbloods, run by Imara, whose son T.J. is Jana's best friend. Together they rescue orphaned siblings Emilia and Matei from an animal park. Their parents were killed in a fire, which Segolia claims was an accident but Jana, using her psychic powers, sees the face of a possible arsonist.
Wolfblood - S04E02 - A Long Way from Home (High MP4) (Aired: 8 Mar. 2016)
Jana is suspicious when she is unable to access Segolia's files on the house fire which Imara still claims to be an accident. Through her psychic powers Jana locates Darren, a boy present at the fire, though when confronted he admits only to have been a witness, not the arsonist. Soon afterwards Imara announces that she has found foster parents in Romania for Emilia and Matei, causing them to flee and for Jana to quit her job and move in with old schoolmate Katrina in her flat over a café.
Wolfblood - S04E03 - Wolfblood Ultimatum (High MP4) (Aired: 15 Mar. 2016)
Jana takes food to the siblings in hiding before receiving a visit from old friends Aran and the severely injured Meinir .Imara offers help if Jana gives her Emilia and Matei but Jana refuses, leading to a showdown with Imara, who injures T.J. in the process. And it is T.J. who finally comes up with the compromise to resolve matters
Wolfblood - S04E04 - Morwal (High MP4) (Aired: 16 Mar. 2016)
After Dr Whitewood has saved Meinir she and Aran go on their way but there is a report of a dangerous Wolfblood terrorizing the region and Imara sends Jana to capture it. It turns out be Carrie, a young girl infected with The Morwal, the killer instinct, who has come to Segolia seeking help to be rid of it, and, after she has caused terror in Katrina's café, it is down to Jana and Imara to cure her.
Wolfblood - S04E05 - The Quiet Hero (High MP4) (Aired: 22 Mar. 2016)
T.J. is concerned that his friend Selina's desire to win a Tae-Kwando contest is making her so aggressive she is in danger of transforming into a Wolf blood but her ambition is such that he cannot dissuade her until she finally agrees to withdraw from the contest. However, her citizen's arrest of a mugger shows that she is able of taking action without going too far.
Wolfblood - S04E06 - She-Wolf (High MP4) (Aired: 23 Mar. 2016)
Imara is not pleased that T.J. has filmed Selina besting the mugger and put it on the Internet and T.J. is alarmed when Selina declares herself the She-Wolf, an urban crusader righting wrongs and nearly falls into a trap. Ultimately she confesses her secret to her parents as well as getting even with a bully and winning the Ta-Kwando contest.
Wolfblood - S04E07 - Sheep's Clothing (High MP4) (Aired: 29 Mar. 2016)
With not long to go before he can transform T.J. is attracted to a girl called Niamh, despite his mother and friends' warning that she is not a Wolfblood and ultimately he discovers to his cost that she has an ulterior motive for dating him. Meanwhile Jana tries to dissuade her former teacher Mr Jeffries from publishing his book about Wolfbloods for fear it will harm them.
Wolfblood - S04E08 - Where Wolf (High MP4) (Aired: 30 Mar. 2016)
Believing that T.J.has harmed her friend Carrie Niamh threatens to expose him and the other Wolfbloods unless they can prove that Carrie is safe. Imara opposes the idea but unexpected help comes from Mr Jeffries, now a Wolfblood champion, who helps the group locate Carrie, in a treatment centre, where she reveals the truth to Niamh, thus averting disaster.
Wolfblood - S04E09 - Into the Wild (High MP4) (Aired: 5 Apr. 2016)
Jana is planning to visit her natal pack and Emilia and Matei are anxious to see them, persuading the curious but ignorant Katrina to follow her, along with T.J., who is about to transform that night. On reaching her destination Jana finds her father Alric dying and desirous for her to become pack leader. When the pursuers arrive a stand-off results with Katrina getting an unwelcome surprise.
Wolfblood - S04E10 - The Wild at Heart (High MP4) (Aired: 6 Apr. 2016)
The two groups of Wolfbloods meet in the woods, Alric's tribal healer Madoc tending to Katrina's swollen ankle with his herbal cures, which he claims he is also using for Alric's recovery. However it turns out that he is slowly poisoning Alric as he wants to be the next leader and he is chased away by the pack. With her father well again thanks to Segolia's Dr Whitewood Jana decides to return to Newcastle but not everybody opts to go with her.
Wolfblood - S04E11 - Viral (High MP4) (Aired: 12 Apr. 2016)
Jana and Katrina return home to a visit from Kay and Kara, who have discovered the video footage taken by Katrina of the Wolfbloods and, despite Katrina's assurance that they are harmless, the film goes viral, attracting a local journalist. Jana attempts to persuade her that it is an exercise in CGI to promote Mr Jeffries' book but she is not convinced and the Wolfbloods realize that they are now in danger.
Wolfblood - S04E12 - Protocol 5 (High MP4) (Aired: 13 Apr. 2016)
Following adverse publicity the Wolfbloods are rounded up by Segolia's national leader Victoria to have their lupine qualities removed as Protocol 5, with Matei discovering who caused the fire in which his parents died. Imara helps them escape but Jana opts to remain as a hostage, However, thanks to Dr Whitewood, the plan to remove her wolf qualities is foiled. Mr Jeffries and Katrina hold a press conference to claim that the video was a fake but the Wolfbloods have other ideas.

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