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Updates on 12 07 2019 TV series, shows/Cartoon, Anime, Manga/Documentaries for mobiles in avi/3gp format - Fztvseries
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One Piece - E341 - Nami in Big Trouble The Zombie Mansion and the Invisible Man
One Piece - E342 - Mystery of the Zombies Hogbacks Nightmarish Research Laboratory
One Piece - E343 - His Name is Moria Trap of the Great Shadow-Stealing Pirate
One Piece - E344 - Feast of the Zombie Song The Bell of the Night Raid is a Sound of Darkness
One Piece - E345 - Filled with Animals Peronas Wonder Garden
One Piece - E346 - Disappearing Strawhat Crew The Mysterious Swordsman Appears
One Piece - E347 - Leftover Chivalry The Traitorous Zombie who Protects Nami
One Piece - E348 - Coming from the Sky That Man is the
One Piece - E349 - Luffy in an Emergency The Living Place of the Strongest Shadow
One Piece - E350 - The Warrior Called a Demon The Time of Oarss Resurrection
One Piece - E351 - Awakening After 500 Years Oars Revives
One Piece - E352 - Conviction Strong Enough to Beg for Ones Life Brook Protects his Afro
One Piece - E353 - A Mans Oath will Never Die From Far Memories to the Waiting Friend
One Piece - E354 - We will Definately Meet Again Brook and the Promise of the Cape
One Piece - E355 - Food Nami and Shadows Luffys Angry Counterattack
One Piece - E356 - Usopp the Strongest Leave the Negatives to Me
One Piece - E357 - Sudden Death of the General Zombies Oars in an Adventurous Mood
One Piece - E358 - Sanji the Knight of Flames Kick Down the False Ceremony
One Piece - E359 - Invisibility Connection Sanjis Stolen Dream
One Piece - E360 - Saving Hero The Enemy is the Invincible Princess
One Piece - E361 - Peronas Terror The U in Uso is the U in Usopp
One Piece - E362 - Slashes Dancing on the Roof Finale - Zoro vs Ryuma
One Piece - E364 - Oars Roars Come Out Straw Hat Crew
One Piece - E365 - The Enemy is Luffy The Strongest Zombie vs the Straw Hat Crew
One Piece - E366 - Defeat Absalom Namis Lightning Attack of Friendship
One Piece - E367 - One Down Sure Kill Straw Hat Docking
One Piece - E368 - Soundless Invasion The Mysterious Visitor Kuma the Tyrant
One Piece - E369 - Oars + Moria - The Greatest Combination of Brains and Brawn
One Piece - E370 - A Crazy Strategy to Turn the Tables - The Creation of Nightmare Luffy
One Piece - E371 - The Straw Hat crew annihilated Full-throttle Kage Kage abilities
One Piece - E372 - The Battle for Superiority Starts Luffy vs Luffy
One Piece - E373 - The Conclusion Arrives Deliver the Finishing Blow
One Piece - E374 - The Bodies Vanish The Morning Sun Pierces Through the Nightmare Island
One Piece - E375 - The Endless Crisis Orders to Obliterate the Straw Hat Crew
One Piece - E377 - My Companions Pain is My Pain - Zoro Prepares to Die
One Piece - E378 - The Promise on that Distant Day - The Song of Pirates and a Small Whale
One Piece - E201 - The Squadron of Burning Souls Attack Battle on the Bridge
One Piece - E202 - Breaking Through Enemy Lines The Rescue of the Going Merry
One Piece - E203 - The Pirate Ship Disappears Stronghold Battle Round 2
One Piece - E204 - Operation Gold Recovery and Operation Waver Retrieval
One Piece - E205 - The Pirate Round-Up Plan Jonathons Secret Winning Strategy
One Piece - E206 - So Long Marine Base The Final Battle for Freedom
One Piece - E207 - Big Adventure in Long Ring Long Land
One Piece - E208 - The Foxy Pirate Crew and the Davy Back
One Piece - E209 - Round 1 One Lap of the Donut Race
One Piece - E210 - Foxy the Silver Fox A Violent Interference
One Piece - E211 - Round 2 Shoot into the Groggy Ring
One Piece - E212 - Rapid-Fire Red Cards Groggy Ring
One Piece - E213 - Round 3 Round and Round Roller Race
One Piece - E214 - Burning Roller Race Dash into the Final Round
One Piece - E215 - The Screaming Speed Serve Pirate Dodgeball
One Piece - E216 - Final Match on the Edge Dharma has Fallen
One Piece - E217 - Captain Confrontation The Last Fight Combat
One Piece - E218 - Full Power Noro Noro Beam vs The Invulnerable Luffy
One Piece - E219 - Heroic Fierce Combat The Fateful Last Battle
One Piece - E220 - Lost Stolen Who are You
One Piece - E181 - Ambitions of Fairy Vearth - The Ark Maxim
One Piece - E182 - Finally Clashing Pirate Luffy vs God Enel
One Piece - E183 - Maxim Rises The Start of Deathpiea
One Piece - E184 - Luffys Fall Gods Judgement and Namis Desire
One Piece - E185 - Two People Awaken A Rescue in Front of Burning Love
One Piece - E186 - Capriccio to Destruction The Impending Doom of Sky Island
One Piece - E187 - Guidance from the Sound of a Bell The Great Warrior and Tales of an Explorer
One Piece - E188 - Released from Disgrace The Tears of the Great Warrior
One Piece - E189 - Eternal Friendship The Bell of Oath Echoes Throughout the Giant Ocean
One Piece - E190 - The Destruction of Angel Island Terror of The Descending Raigou
One Piece - E191 - Chop Down Giant Jack The Last Hope of Escaping
One Piece - E192 - The Miracle in Gods Country A Love Song Heard by Angels
One Piece - E193 - The War Draws to a Close Ringing War and Wide the Proud Fantasia
One Piece - E194 - I Have Come Here The Weaving of the Poneglyphs
One Piece - E195 - Now Heading Towards the Blue Sea Memories of an Interwoven Finale
One Piece - E196 - Emergency Announcement An Infamous Pirate Ship has Invaded
One Piece - E197 - Sanji the Chef Demonstrating True Pride at the Marine Mess Hall
One Piece - E198 - Zoros Imprisonment and Choppers Emergency Operation
One Piece - E199 - The Marine Search Party Draws Near Another of the Crew is Captured
One Piece - E200 - Luffy and Sanjis Determination The Great Escape Plan
One Piece - E221 - The Mysterious Boy with the Whistle and Robins Guess
One Piece - E222 - Get Back the Memories The Pirates Land
One Piece - E223 - Zoro Sharpens His Fangs A Fight with a Wild Animal
One Piece - E224 - The Real Memory Thiefs Final Counterattack
One Piece - E225 - The Man of Pride Foxy the Silver Fox
One Piece - E226 - The Unbeatable Power Draws Near A Very Dangerous Man
One Piece - E227 - Marine High Admiral Aokiji The Threat of the Greatest Power
One Piece - E228 - Rubber and Ice One-On-One Fight Luffy vs Aokiji
One Piece - E229 - Running Sea Train The City of Water Water 7
One Piece - E230 - The Adventure in the City of Water Aim for the Giant Shipyard
One Piece - E231 - The Franky Family and Iceburg
One Piece - E232 - Galley-La Company The Magnificent Dock #1
One Piece - E233 - The Pirate Kidnapping Incident and the Pirate Ship Waits for Death
One Piece - E234 - Rescuing a Friend The Raid on the Franky House
One Piece - E235 - Quarrel in the Moonlight The Pirate Ship Trembles in Sadness
One Piece - E236 - Luffy vs Usopp The Spirit of the Clashing Men
One Piece - E237 - The City of Water is Shaking Iceburg was Targeted
One Piece - E238 - Rubberman vs Fire-Breathing Cyborg
One Piece - E239 - The Criminals are the Straw Hat Pirates The Bodyguards of Water 7
One Piece - E240 - An Eternal Farewell Nico Robin The Woman Who Bears Darkness
One Piece - E241 - Catch Robin The Determination of the Straw Hat Pirates
One Piece - E242 - The Signal is the Explosion CP9 Starts to Move
One Piece - E243 - CP9 Unmasked Their Shocking True Faces
One Piece - E244 - The Secret Bond Franky and Iceburg
One Piece - E245 - Come Back Robin The Confrontation with CP9
One Piece - E246 - Destruction of the Straw Hat Pirates The Terror of the Model Leopard
One Piece - E247 - The Man who is Loved by his Ship Usopps Tears
One Piece - E248 - Frankys Past The Day the Sea Train Ran
One Piece - E249 - Spandams Conspiracy The Day the Sea Train Shook
One Piece - E250 - The End of the Legendary Man The Day the Sea Train Cried
One Piece - E251 - The Truth Behind the Betrayal Robins Sorrowful Decision
One Piece - E252 - The Steam Whistle Separates the Group The Sea Train Begins to Run
One Piece - E253 - Sanji Breaks In The Sea Train Battle in the Storm
One Piece - E254 - The Shout of Namis Soul The Return of the Straw Hat
One Piece - E255 - Another Sea Train Rocket Man Sortie
One Piece - E256 - Rescue our Friends The Oath that Links the Enemies
One Piece - E257 - Smash the Wave Luffy and Zoro The Strongest Combo
One Piece - E258 - A Man of Mystery Appears His Name is Sogeking
One Piece - E259 - Cook Confrontation Sanji vs Ramen Kenpo
One Piece - E260 - Duel on the Roof Franky vs Nero
One Piece - E261 - Crash Demon-Cutting Zoro vs Ship-Cutting T-Bone
One Piece - E262 - Robin Struggles Sogekings Clever Scheme
One Piece - E263 - The Judiciary Island The Full Picture of Enies Lobby
One Piece - E264 - Operation Disembarkation Commences The Straw Hat Crew Rushes In
One Piece - E265 - Luffy Charges In Great Decisive Battle on the Judiciary Island
One Piece - E266 - Battle with the Giants Open the Second Door
One Piece - E267 - The Means of Escaping is Opened Fly through the Sky Rocketman
One Piece - E268 - Catch Up with Luffy The Straw Hat Pirates All-Out War
One Piece - E269 - Robin was Betrayed The Expectations of the World Government
One Piece - E270 - Give Robin Back Luffy vs Blueno
One Piece - E271 - Dont Stop Raise the Signal Fire of a Counterattack
One Piece - E272 - Luffy is in Sight Gather at the Courthouse Plaza
One Piece - E273 - All for the Sake of Protecting My Friends Gear Second in Motion
One Piece - E274 - Answer Us Robin The Outcries of the Straw Hat Crew
One Piece - E275 - Robins Past The Girl who was Called a Demon
One Piece - E276 - The Fated Parent and Child The Mothers Name is Olvia
One Piece - E277 - Tragedy of Ohara Fear of Buster Call
One Piece - E278 - Say You Want to Live We are Comrades
One Piece - E279 - Jump Into the Falls Luffys Feelings
One Piece - E321 - The King of Beasts that will Cross the Ocean The Dream Ships Magnificent Completion
One Piece - E322 - Goodbye my Lovable Followers Franky Departs
One Piece - E323 - Departing the Water Metropolis Distinction of the Manly Usopps Duel
One Piece - E324 - The World-Wide Bounties The Hometowns Dance as the Ship Sails Forward
One Piece - E325 - The Most Evil Ability Blackbeards Darkness Attacks Ace
One Piece - E326 - Mysterious Party of Pirates The Sunny and a Dangerous Trap
One Piece - E327 - Sunny in a Pinch Roar Secret Superspeed Mecha
One Piece - E328 - The Dream Sinking in the New World The Pirate of Despair Puzzle
One Piece - E329 - The Assassins Attack The Great Battle Above the Ice Begins
One Piece - E330 - The Hard Fights of the Straw Hat Crew The Pirate Soul Banking it All on the Flag
One Piece - E331 - Hot Full Throttle The Twins Magnetic Power Draws Near
One Piece - E332 - The Great Chaos Mansion The Angry Don and the Imprisoned Crew
One Piece - E333 - The Phoenix Returns The Dream of the Pirate Flag Sworn to a Friend
One Piece - E334 - The Red Hot Decisive Battle Luffy vs the Scorching Don
One Piece - E335 - Waiting in the New World Farewell to the Courageous Pirates
One Piece - E336 - Chopperman Departs Protect the TV Station by the Shore
One Piece - E337 - Venture Into the Devils Sea The Mysterious Skeleton Floating Through the Fog
One Piece - E338 - The Delight of Having Met People The Gentleman Skeletons True Colors
One Piece - E339 - One Phenomenon After Another Disembarking at Thriller Bark
One Piece - E340 - The Man Called a Genius Hogback Appears

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