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Dan For Mayor - FzTvSeries
Dan for Mayor
Dan Phillips is a 30-something bartender who lives and works in the city of Wessex. His only serious relationship was with Claire Kendal, only now Claire is engaged to someone else. She hasn't broken the news to Dan yet, felling that the news might upset him. When she does, Dan reacts the way most of us would, by telling her that he's running for mayor.
Years: (2010– )
Genres: Comedy
IMDb Rating: 4.2
Last Updated: 20 Aug, 2011

Latest files added
Dan for Mayor
Dan for Mayor - S02E11 - Mayor for a Day (Aired: 2011-08-14)
Dan is mentoring a young ``Mayor for the Day.''
Dan for Mayor
Dan for Mayor - S02E10 - Old Fort Wessex (Aired: 2011-08-07)
Dan visits his high school workplace; Claire plans to lure businessmen to Wessex; Jeff tells Fern there are tunnels under the bar.
Dan for Mayor
Dan for Mayor - S02E08 - Pot Divorce (Aired: 2011-07-24)
Because of his past employment relationship with Fern, Dan agrees to speak at a rally but doesn't ask just what the rally is for. He finds out when he gets there that it is a pro-pot rally. Mike is floored by Claire's parent's divorce, and offers to help in any way he can, but discovers that Mrs. Kendall wants the kind of help that he's just not willing to give.
Dan for Mayor
Dan for Mayor - S02E07 - The Art of Gambling (Aired: 2011-07-17)
Trying to improve tourism in Wessex, Dan tries to have his city included on the new Art Trail, but finds that there just isn't enough art in Wessex for it to qualify; he tries to fix the situation by having a sculpture commissioned. Fern's Bar gets into the video lottery terminal game, and the customers and employees alike find it addictive. Claire has a line on a new job: doing PR for an anti-gambling campaign, putting her squarely in opposition to the gang at Fern's.
Dan for Mayor
Dan for Mayor - S02E04 - Claire 2.0 (Aired: 2011-06-26)
Dan's ratings in the popularity polls take a dive when he tables raising the property tax in Wessex. All the political hubbub puts Dan in the hot seat with a student reporter who goes overboard in letting the denizens of Wessex know about Dan's spelling skills. Mike decides it's time to move upwards and onwards from Claire.


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