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On March 6, 1999, the franchise was given an anime as the first of the Digimon movies aired in theaters in Japan. Originally, the Digimon Adventure movie was supposed to be a short film, but after the storyboard was finished, a request for Digimon becoming a children's television show was made. On March 7, 1999, they began airing a television counterpart titled Digimon Adventure. Four further series would follow, each with their own tie-in movies, and the series was dubbed for release in western markets in the fall of the same year. The show spawned card games, with Hyper Colosseum in Japan and later Digi-Battle in America, and more video games. The animated series is easily the best-known segment of the Digimon universe and responsible for the majority of its popularity. "Digimon" are "Digital Monsters". According to the stories, they are inhabitants of the "Digital World", a manifestation of Earth's communication network. The stories tell of a group of mostly pre-teens, the "Chosen Children" (DigiDestined in the English version), who accompany special Digimon born to defend their world (and ours) from various evil forces. To help them surmount the most difficult obstacles found within both realms, the Digimon have the ability to evolve (Digivolve). In this process, the Digimon change appearance and become much stronger, often changing in personality as well. The group of children who come in contact with the Digital World changes from series to series. As of 2010, there have been six series Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Tamers, Digimon Frontier, Digimon Savers and Digimon Xros Wars. The first two series take place in the same fictional universe, but the third, fourth, fifth and sixth each occupy their own unique world (in the case of Digimon Tamers, the Adventure universe is referred to as a television and commercial enterprise, as well as the appearance of one character hailing from the Adventure universe). In addition, each series has spawned assorted feature films. Digimon still shows popularity, as new card series, video games, and movies are still being produced and released: new card series include Eternal Courage, Hybrid Warriors, Generations, and Operation X; the video game, Digimon Rumble Arena 2; and the previously unreleased movies Revenge of Diablomon, Runaway Locomon, Battle of Adventurers, and Island of Lost Digimon. In Japan, Digital Monster X-Evolution, the eighth TV movie, was recently released, and on December 23, 2005 at Jump Festa 2006, the fifth series, Digimon Savers was announced for Japan to begin airing after a three year hiatus of the show. A listing of Digimon straps revealed the existence of a sixth television series.[8] Digimon was produced by Toei Animation and Bandai of Japan. The series were broadcast in Japan by Fuji Television. The first four series were called Digimon: Digital Monsters in international markets, whilst Savers was released as Digimon Data Squad.
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Why don't you make these cartoons in high mp4 , avi is sad quality
Almost finished watching the entire series pleeeeeeease upload the next one
dont add hindi thanks
pls dont upload in hindi.. eng is enough.. u guyz always prefer hindi pls stop tat.. watever we watch just be i toriginal
its very helpfull
Please start digimon adventure series
Please start digimon adventure series
Please upload episodes 47 to 54 of digimon cross wars in hindi
Plz upload digimon xros wars all episodes in hindi
plz upload digimon xros wars both season 1 and 2 in hindi or if you dont if it in hindi than upload it in english but plz as soon as possible because i m a big fan of digimon
Plese upload digimon frontier all episodes in hindi as fast as possible
Please upload digimon xros wars all episodes in hindi
Please upload it we really need to watch it, Thanks.
Please upload digimon xros war season 1 n 2 with digimon fusion
plz upload the digimon xros wars and digimon hunters the continuation of the digimon xros wars =)
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