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Pawn Stars - FzTvSeries
Pawn Stars
Rick Harrison and his family own and run a pawn shop on the Las Vegas strip. They buy, sell, and appraise items of historical value.
IMDb Rating: 7.2
Last Updated: 27 Jul, 2020

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Pawn Stars
Pawn Stars - S17E26.avi (AVI)
Pawn Stars
(Teasers/Bloopers/Extras) Pawn Stars - S17E15 - Pawnsplosion (AVI) (Aired: 2020-03-27)
When given the chance to drive a WWII tank, Rick says Sherman, but will he go to war to own this piece of history' Meanwhile, two is a party, but three's allowed when a Triplet Bicycle rolls in. Then, vintage toy soldiers march into the shop. Will they get Corey's attention, or retreat' Next, Rick and Corey are visited by Haunted Mansion memorabilia. Will they possess the spooky souvenirs or cast them out' Later, things get HOT when Chum finds a flamethrower. Will he fire up a deal, or get burned'
Pawn Stars
(Teasers/Bloopers/Extras) Pawn Stars - S17E14 - Watches, Waistcoats and Wizards (AVI) (Aired: 2020-03-16)
Corey gets a lesson in the Care of Magical Creatures when a life-sized house elf from Harry Potter comes into the shop. Will he be able to get the seller under his spell' Then, Spencer comes fresh off a picking trip with a van full of items. Will Rick and Chum take the HOV lane straight to a deal' Next, Rick checks out a waistcoat and watch as old as the founding fathers. Will it be good enough for his John Hancock, or will it go overboard like the Tea Party' And later, the Pawn Stars take a trip to the mountains to see if Chum will go through with a death defying climb.
Pawn Stars
Pawn Stars - S17E13 - A Bombsight For Sore Eyes (AVI) (Aired: 2020-03-09)
Things get heated at the shop when a seller brings in a trophy awarded to basketball legend Julius "Dr. J" Erving. Will this trophy be a slam dunk or an air ball' Meanwhile, Rick targets a bombsight from WWII. Will he hit the bullseye or miss the mark' Then, a seller brings in some antique quack medicine bottles. Will Chum buy into the old fads or will the pill be too hard to swallow' Next, Rick says hello to a little coin nicknamed the "Scarface." Will it be worth the pretty penny the seller's hoping for' And later, the shop gets artsy when Corey and Chum thumb through a book of etchings by Henri Matisse. Will it prove to be the masterpiece they're hoping for'.
Pawn Stars
Pawn Stars - S17E12 - Penny for Your Pawn (AVI) (Aired: 2015-05-28)
Test your strength with the Pawn Stars when a 1930s Gottlieb grip tester pulls up to the shop. Will Rick muscle in on the deal for this vintage game or will it not work out? Then, Rick gets hung up on a limited edition piece of abstract art by Hollywood actor, Anthony Quinn. Will he be able to sculpt a concrete deal or will the seller stonewall him? And later, Chum offers to help promote the shop by trying to make images of the Old Man go viral. Will his idea break the internet or will he end up crashing the whole system?


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