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Second Chance - FzTvSeries
Second Chance
A billionaire bio-engineer brings a dead police officer back to life.
Years: (I) (2016)
Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi
IMDb Rating: 7.6
Last Updated: 5 Oct, 2019

Latest files added
Second Chance
Second Chance - S01E11 - Gelassenheit (High MP4) (Aired: 2016-03-25)
Pritchard and Duval race against the clock to save Gracie from Connor and Otto's life-threatening experiment. But time is quickly running out for Pritchard, as well, since there is no tank in which he can regenerate. Meanwhile, Mary, with the help of Alexa, does everything she can to try and unlock the code to save Pritchard's life before it's too late, and Otto wrestles with his conscience and the decisions he's made that have changed lives forever
Second Chance
Second Chance - S01E10 - Geworfenheit (High MP4) (Aired: 2016-03-18)
Pritchard and Duval continue to investigate who Albert Lin really is, who created him and try to uncover how he is involved in a string of murders. The investigation drives a wedge between Mary and Otto, and Otto must choose if he will betray Mary and undo everything they have built, including Pritchard to align himself with Connor Graff. Meanwhile, Gracie goes missing and Pritchard and Duval must race against the clock to rescue her before Pritchard’s time runs out.
Second Chance
Second Chance - S01E09 - When You Have to Go There, They Have to Take You In (High MP4) (Aired: 2016-03-11)
Pritchard and Duval join forces to track down a serial killer, and Alexa and Connor try to procure key technology from Lookinglass. Meanwhile, the bond between Mary and Pritchard has grown stronger, but Otto goes to great lengths to make sure Mary never leaves him, and Gracie suspects there is more to Pritchard than what he has told her.
Second Chance
Second Chance - S01E08 - May Old Acquaintance Be Forgot (High MP4) (Aired: 2016-03-04)
Pritchard's past comes back to haunt him. 20 years ago, Pritchard covered up a murder committed by a drug lord's girlfriend, who happened to be his confidential informant at the time. Instead of staying on the right side of the law after Pritchard helped her elude the crime, 20 years later she has turned into a major drug dealer (guest star Madchen Amick). So now, Pritchard is determined to set things straight. Meanwhile, Mary's cancer is in remission but she and Otto are at odds over Pritchard, and Otto wants to find a new blood donor for her. Also, Gracie starts dating an older guy.
Second Chance
Second Chance - S01E07 - That Time in the Car (High MP4) (Aired: 2016-02-26)
Duval’s sister (and Pritchard’s daughter) is dating a parole officer, but Pritchard and Duval discover he's being coerced by a prisoner to carry out an elaborate prison break. Alexa speaks out to Mary about her distrust of Pritchard. Otto mourns the anniversary of his parents’ death.



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