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The Haves And The Have Nots - Fztvseries
The Haves And The Have Nots
The series follows on the rich and powerful Cryer family in Savannah, Georgia,[1] and working on Cryer's family destitute maid Hanna Young.
Last Updated: 27 Oct, 2018

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Plz upload episode 15,16,17 en episode 23 to 56 of season 1
Pls upload season 2,3,4 ....
Pls upload season 2 and 3
Upload season 2 please
Where can i download the whole series of the haves and the have nots
Upload season 2 3 4 5 complete please
please upload the remaining episodes of season 4, 5 $6 thanks
Can you please upload season1 episode 14,15,16 and 22 pls
Can you please uploud season 2
season 3 please
[Season] {Episodes} (First aired) 《Last aired》 [1] {16} (May 28, 2013) 《September 3, 2013》 [2] {20} (January 7, 2014) 《July 29, 2014》 [3] {25} (January 6, 2015) 《September 22, 2015》 [4] {23} (January 5, 2016) 《September 6, 2016》 [5] {23} (January 3, 2017) 《September 12, 2017》
Season 2 episodes No. overall No. in season Title Original air date U.S. viewers (millions) 17 1 "The Black Sedan" January 7, 2014 2.77[24] Amanda is having second thoughts about asking for her inheritance. Inside, Katheryn and Jim are arguing about Wyatt's accident Hanna is trying to find out any information about Benny. 18 2 "Wyatt's Nightmare" January 14, 2014 2.55[25] Wyatt kills a little girl after a hit-and-run, and Benny ends up on life support. Jim is unsure of what to do next once his campaign begins to fall apart. Amanda has an emotional breakdown. 19 3 "Family Issues" January 21, 2014 2.84[26] Hanna disagrees with Tony's suggestion to take Benny off life support. Celine and Katheryn have a confrontation about the former's shabby treatment of Hanna. 20 4 "Unanswered Calls" January 28, 2014 2.78[27] Jeffrey comes to the conclusion that Wyatt is the one who's at fault for Benny's condition and Lizzie's death. 21 5 "Why Didn't You Tell Me?" February 4, 2014 3.5[28] Candace talks with Jim to have Benny relocated to a private hospital. 22 6 "Protecting Wyatt" February 11, 2014 3.01[29] Jim does everything in his power to keep Wyatt from going to jail. Tony confronts Hanna and serves her with court papers. 23 7 "Amanda's Revenge" February 18, 2014 3.21[30] Amanda breaks into her professor's home while his family is asleep. Candace is chosen by Hanna to represent her in court. 24 8 "Maggie's Plan" February 25, 2014 2.88[31] As Jim gets ready to announce his campaign for Governor, Wyatt's behavior and warnings from Candace becomes too much to handle. 25 9 "March for Justice" March 4, 2014 3.04[32] The judge makes a decision and sides with Tony. Hanna begs Tony on her knees to keep Benny on life support. 26 10 "Starting the Race" March 11, 2014 3.59[33] Candace tries once again to blackmail Jim and David during their campaign event. Wyatt finally gets arrested. 27 11 "You'll Be Sorry" May 27, 2014 3.11[34] Wyatt is arrested. Candace is kidnapped by the Malones. Benny shows signs of brain activity. 28 12 "The Confession" June 3, 2014 2.62[35] Jim conspires to save his son. Amanda gets a gun. Benny improves. 29 13 "Donald" June 10, 2014 2.42[36] Jim proclaims his son's innocence. Quincy pays Hanna a surprise visit in search of Candace. 30 14 "The Awakening" June 17, 2014 2.81[37] Benny wakes up from his coma. 31 15 "The Vulnerable" June 24, 2014 2.92[38] Benny prepares for his release from the hospital. Hanna plans to testify against Wyatt. Maggie tries to seduce David. 32 16 "The Sarandon Hotel" July 1, 2014 3.47[39] After escaping her kidnappers, Candace asks Warlock for help. Jeffrey is seduced by Melissa. 33 17 "Again and Again" July 8, 2014 3.32[40] David is compromised. Jim is plotting. Candace is panicking. 34 18 "Something's Wrong With Amanda" July 15, 2014 3.26[41] Amanda leaves the Cryer estate with Quincy. Candace hides out at Jeffrey's apartment. Katheryn and Celine get into another confrontation. 35 19 "Norman Hewens" July 22, 2014 2.86[42] A news report claiming that another person is responsible for the hit-and-run saves Wyatt from jail. Katheryn berates Jim about his evil deeds. Hanna attempts to apologize to Jim for her hand in the tragedy, but he won't have it and orders her off his property; however, Katheryn has a tearful and beautiful reunion with her best friend, and offers Hanna her job back and to begin after Benny is settled in. Katheryn then tells Jim off about his attitude towards Hanna and orders him to keep Celine under control or else. 36 20 "Checkmate" July 29, 2014 3.49[43] Jim is confronted by Carlos, his illegitimate son with Celine. Katheryn's celebratory dinner party goes awry when Quincy, Candace's ex, shows up as Amanda's date. David and Veronica continue to battle over the fact that Jeffrey is gay. Candace seeks her revenge on Jim. Maggie makes another attempt to sleep with David.
Season 1 (2013) Edit No. overall No. in season Title Original air date U.S. viewers (millions) 1 1 "The Big Surprise" May 28, 2013 1.77[6] The Cryer family has prepared a surprise 50th birthday celebration for Jim, but as he arrives, he is stunned when he sees that his latest mistress, Candace, has become friendly with his daughter Amanda and is partaking in the festivities. 2 2 "Playing in the Deep End" May 28, 2013 1.81[6] Jim has repeatedly requested that Candace leave the family's home, but she continues to disobey him by staying with Amanda. 3 3 "Beautifully Dysfunctional" June 4, 2013 1.47[7] Candace commits some mischievous acts that put Jim's career in jeopardy. 4 4 "Entering the Race" June 11, 2013 1.31[8] After Jim announces that he plans to run for Governor, Candace holds the affair against Jim and threatens to reveal the news to the media. Hanna is shocked when she discovers an eviction notice on her door. 5 5 "A Woman's Pride" June 18, 2013 1.32[9] After her eviction, Hanna goes to Benny with questions regarding possibly adjusting the mortgage on her home. 6 6 "Angry Sex" June 25, 2013 1.82[10] Jim falls into Candace's vindictive trap once again and David is irked by the fact that Jim is unable to control himself. 7 7 "A True Friend" July 2, 2013 1.54[11] Amanda has Wyatt and Jeffrey assist her with the move into her new apartment while Hanna is set up on a blind date by Benny. 8 8 "The Criminal" July 9, 2013 1.56[12] Benny prepares for his date by asking to borrow a car, but is arrested and charged with drug possession after falling trap to someone's malicious intent. Amanda seduces her law professor to raise her grade. 9 9 "The Set Up" July 16, 2013 1.61[13] Katheryn ends up bonding with Hanna over their issues. 10 10 "Number Nine" July 23, 2013 1.80[14] Katheryn shames Candace directly after Jim reveals his affair. 11 11 "Not My Daughter" July 30, 2013 1.87[15] Katheryn tells everyone that she is leaving for vacation, but that turns out to be false. 12 12 "In Recovery" August 6, 2013 2.02[16] Jim and Candace end up in a verbal and physical altercation. 13 13 "What Are You Doing Here?" August 13, 2013 2.14[17] Information is discovered by a detective that links Benny and Tony. Veronica continues to work toward answers for Benny's case. 14 14 "My Name Is Veronica" August 20, 2013 2.05[18] Katheryn gets nervous when her secret almost goes public. 15 15 "The Truth Will Set You Free" August 27, 2013 2.32[19] After her secret is revealed, Katheryn tells everyone what she really knows about Jim's secret activities. Jeffrey finally discloses his love for Wyatt. 16 16 "No More Hiding" September 3, 2013 2.61[20] Jeffery comes out to his parents; Hanna discloses information to Benny about Tony being his father; Amanda learns about her inheritance; and Wyatt relapses and has a life-changing accident.
Season 5 (2017) Edit No. overall No. in season Title Original air date U.S. viewers (millions) 85 1 "A Cup of Tea" January 3, 2017 2.99[93] Veronica tries to escape the Cryer Mansion. Jeffery is still trying to get a hold of Candace. Benny is still upset because of how Candace Mortgaged his house and the tow yard. 86 2 "Waiting for Candace" January 10, 2017 2.16[94] Veronica and Katheryn have a fight. Benny holds hope that Candace will come through with the money. 87 3 "It's Ok to Love" January 17, 2017 2.68[95] Veronica is still trying to escape Katheryn's mansion. Erica called Candace to give her an update on things with David. 88 4 "A Mother's Wisdom" January 24, 2017 2.36[96] Veronica wants to meet with Candace and Jeffery. Jim helps Katheryn clean up a mess she has created. 89 5 "Brilliant Lawyers Lurking" January 31, 2017 2.70[97] Veronica helps Candace and Jeffery out of a precarious predicament. 90 6 "A Hurricane Offshore" February 7, 2017 2.75[98] Veronica pays Erica a visit Candace encounters Oscar again. Quit'a finds Wyatt's place and tells him that she's going to take his money. 91 7 "Pieces of The Puzzle" February 14, 2017 2.58[99] Veronica lets Jim know that if anything happens to her she has dirt on him. Hanna questions Benny and Candace about what they did to Quincy. 92 8 "Praying for Light" February 21, 2017 2.76[100] Veronica planted a camera in those flowers she delivered to Erica. Hanna does all she can to keep the peace in her family. 93 9 "We All Need Forgiveness" February 28, 2017 2.33[101] Veronica tells Justin to stay away from Jeffery. Candace makes Charles her latest Mark. 94 10 "Forget The Bubble" March 7, 2017 2.41[102] Veronica is pushing Jeffery's buttons. Erica is caught sleeping with David by War. 95 11 "In Pursuit of Prey" March 14, 2017 3.20[103] Veronica tries to seduce Benny. Warlock looks for Candace, Mitch returns from jail. Katheryn leaves Jim, Wyatt checks himself into rehab of his own volition. 96 12 "The Fallout From War" June 20, 2017 2.68[104] Veronica goes in a rage after Melissa attempts suicide in her bed. In the aftermath of the shootout it is revealed that Quincy Jr is dead. 97 13 "My Grandson's War" June 27, 2017 2.44[105] Veronica and Katheryn came face-to-face. Katheryn was able to be the friend that Hanna needed in comfort; Mama Rose inflict a bit of fear into Jim Cryer. 98 14 "Mad Day" July 11, 2017 2.33[106] Veronica intervened and proved her skills by representing Benny, Jim taunted Veronica, Hanna found herself at Katheryn's new rental home. 99 15 "A Woman Under the Stairs" July 18, 2017 2.43[107] Veronica threatens to reveal Officer Justin's secret and accuses him of sexually harassing Jeffrey. David and Jim find their sons. Charles reveals to Candace who he really is. 100 16 "Railroad" July 25, 2017 2.43[108] Veronica visits Melissa at the hospital. Katheryn helps Hanna deal with Benny's situation. Wyatt gets released from the hospital. Charles beats Candace at her own game. 101 17 "Elevator Seven" August 1, 2017 2.30[109] Veronica tried to confront Erica and David on the elevator about their relationship. Landon tries to warn Charles about Candace. Jeffrey meets up with Landon. 102 18 "A Broken Mirror" August 8, 2017 2.33[110] Veronica catches Officer Justin in Jeffrey's hotel room, and records Officer Justin. Jim is trying to find Warlock before Mamma Rose does. 103 19 "Haunted By The Surname" August 15, 2017 2.40[111] Veronica is confronted by Officer Justin. Candace starts to see Erica for who she truly is. Candace gets some devastating news. 104 20 "The Enemy Called Trust" August 22, 2017 2.52[112] Veronica tells Landon to stay away her son. Jim is shocked to see that his house is on fire. Candace ask Mitch for a favor. Warlock gets caught in a deadly trap. 105 21 "Kate" August 29, 2017 2.64[113] Veronica makes Melissa clean her blood out of her bed. Jim and Katheryn implode with emotion. Jim confronts Katheryn, and beg her for retribution. 106 22 "For The Team" September 5, 2017 2.61[114] Veronica gives Jeffrey and Officer Justin an ultimatum. Candace and Benny are at odds with each other. David tells Jeffrey to stay away from Veronica. 107 23 "The Veronica Show" September 12, 2017 2.58[115] Veronica does something that puts Officer Justin at rage. Candace struggles with sorrow and the death of Quincy Jr. Jim confronts Candace at The Artesian Hotel.
Season 3 (2015) Edit No. overall No. in season Title Original air date U.S. viewers (millions) 37 1 "The Power Dance" January 6, 2015 3.22[44] Jim is being held hostage by Warlock under Candace's orders. 38 2 "The War Room" January 13, 2015 2.91[45] Hanna seeks information about Quincy's mother so she can get one step closer to finding her grandson. room. 39 3 "A Southern Brawl" January 20, 2015 2.60[46] Wyatt gives Celine a taste of reality and he finds out a about his brother Carlos. 40 4 "Amanda's Room" January 27, 2015 2.98[47] Jim gives up and finally gives in to Candace's demands. 41 5 "The Press Conference" February 3, 2015 2.89[48] Katheryn gets some devastating news. 42 6 "A Tragic Day" February 10, 2015 3.42[49] Everyone else is assembled at the Cryer mansion. 43 7 "April 7, 1979" February 17, 2015 3.22[50] Katheryn tells the story of how she first met Jim. 44 8 "In Crisis" February 24, 2015 3.28[51] Katheryn and David try to tell Veronica how wrong she is about Jeffery. 45 9 "A Talk with Jim" March 3, 2015 2.90[52] Benny is convinced that Candace has changed her ways. 46 10 "Oscar" March 10, 2015 3.02[53] Hanna comforts Jim after Amanda's death. 47 11 "Unglued" March 17, 2015 3.02[54] David is angry at Veronica for telling Quincy to beat up Jeffrey. 48 12 "Enough is Enough" March 24, 2015 3.50[55] Benny searches for Quincy after he shows up at Hanna's home. 49 13 "Two Funerals" June 30, 2015 3.29[56] Veronica starts a fire that destroys her mansion and almost claims David's life. 50 14 "In Memoriam" July 7, 2015 2.79[57] Wyatt's confession to D.A. Sallison sparks controversy. 51 15 "Nine Lives" July 14, 2015 3.17[58] Hanna finds out that Jim and Katheryn were holding Candace hostage. 52 16 "The Cougar" July 21, 2015 2.85[59] Hanna covers for Benny after she discovers him in bed with Veronica. 53 17 "Candace Young, Esq." July 28, 2015 3.01[60] Candace shows Benny where she works. 54 18 "Benny Does Battle" August 4, 2015 3.17[61] Quincy is hurt from the accident. 55 19 "Quincy Jr." August 11, 2015 3.12[62] Hanna is reunited with Q. 56 20 "A Home For Q" August 18, 2015 3.06[64] Candace learns that Hanna is seeking custody of Q; and the Cryers and Harringtons try to convince the D.A. that Wyatt's taped confession is a misunderstanding.[63] 57 21 "Candace's Closing" August 25, 2015 3.19[65] Candace buys property with the money she extorted from Jim; and Jim is interviewed on TV. 58 22 "Dianna Winchill" September 1, 2015 3.23[66] While Jim is being interviewed by Dianna Winchill, a surprise guest arrives. Veronica tells Jim that she had planned Wyatt's attack in prison, leading Jim to attack her and later put a hit on her, Professor Cannon, and Prison Guard Terrell by calling three hitmen and ordering a "bloodbath." 59 23 "Vetted" September 8, 2015 3.28[67] Hanna grows suspicious of Benny's involvement with Veronica and how he acquired his new house; Quincy drives a car through Hanna's home in spite of revenge; Candace decides to let her guard down with Oscar. 60 24 "Sheep's Clothing" September 15, 2015 3.13[68] Hanna becomes devastated when she learns that Quincy set her house on fire; Maggie tries to talk David into running for Governor; Jeffrey gives Wyatt the necessary ammunition to take his parents down. 61 25 "When The Chickens Come Home" September 22, 2015 3.71[69] Hanna and Benny force Candace to tell the truth about everything.
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