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The Jury UK - FzTvSeries
The Jury UK
Twelve men and women are called for jury service in the retrial of a man accused of a triple murder after the High Court overturns the original verdict.
IMDb Rating: 7.8
Last Updated: 22 Nov, 2011

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The Jury UK
The Jury UK - S01E05 - Episode 5 (Aired: 2002-03-17)
Jeremy takes the stock, giving up his deeds to his home as insurance; Lewis and Cording make their closing statements; Charles leaves the seminary for good; Rose learns that Len bashed Johnny; the jury are taken into their room to deliberate, where they vote for Eva as foreperson; an initial vote reveals that opinion is divided, while Rose and Johnny are surprised by each other's vote; Eva's style is not liked by all, so she steps down and Peter is elected without even standing for the job; going home for the night, Rose tells Len she wants to leave him; looking after Elsie, Charles realises that his place is with the priesthood after all; Peter's father-in-law turns up at his house with what he claims to be important evidence, but Peter does not listen; and the Maher family decide to kill Duvinder if he is found innocent.
The Jury UK
The Jury UK - S01E04 - Episode 4 (Aired: 2002-03-10)
Peter decides against telling the Judge he was threatened, since he is so enjoying the trial; Lewis cross-examines Duvinder which makes him look very guilty and the Mahers decide he will be found thus; Johnny and Rose meet at lunch again and tell each other how they feel but decide they cannot start a relationship at this point, although Len - who is spying on them - doesn't realise this; Peter's father-in-law comes up with his own theory about why the police did not find the evidence supposedly dumped in the river; the woman attacked by the psychopath on the day of the crime testifies; Cording accuses the police of racial profiling; Jeremy's friend informs him of another stock, this one for real, and Jeremy considers it; Charles and Elsie - now both alone - bond; and after an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, Johnny is bashed by Len.
The Jury UK
The Jury UK - S01E03 - Episode 3 (Aired: 2002-03-03)
Len follows Rose to the trial and sees her with Johnny; Marcia receives further threats but - after telling the Judge - agrees to stay on, although the Judge says if any other juror is influenced, he will call for a retrial; Elsie learns that she may need a transplant; Cording, the defence attorney, learns of a psychopath who was arrested on the day of the crime near the scene; Duvinder takes the stand, claiming he stole the sword and planned to kill Maher but then backed out, dropped the sword and fled; Peter is threatened.
The Jury UK
The Jury UK - S01E02 - Episode 2 (Aired: 2002-02-24)
Singh is abused by a prison warden; the prosecution argues that Singh stole a sword, killed Maher, threw the evidence into the river and fled; Rose and Johnny have lunch; Jeremy runs into Mark Waters who claims he would have saved Jeremy if he could; Elsie befriends Charles, and later learns she will need to undergo surgery; Charles finds Isobel but learns she has moved on from him; Rose's husband Len grows suspicious of her; Peter's in-laws investigate the evidence; and Marcia - angry that she has to keep her mother in her life - receives a phone call telling her that, for the sake of her family, she had better vote guilty.
The Jury UK
The Jury UK - S01E01 - Episode 1 (Aired: 2002-02-17)
Prosecutor Gerald Lewis gives his version of events, painting Singh as a psychopath. The Maher family threaten Singh when he arrives in court, and later they decide to influence the jurors. Rose and Johnnie flirt, Jeremy discovers that the friend who conned him is a juror on another trial, Charles searches for Isobel his lost love, and Peter - against his instincts - tells his in-laws all about the case.



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